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Thursday, April 30, 2015


[Sukhumvit 21, Bangkok]

Let’s pretend like you haven’t noticed my 8-month-long sabbatical from blogging. As much as I have missed this side of the digital space, it’s been an enormously eventful & refreshing break. To be really, REALLY honest, I’ve had multiple debates with myself on whether I wanted to erase my blog, and move on, or get back to it. 

You know, with an incessant increase in the number of blogs, some of which are tasteful, but mostly mediocre & poorly written (sorry folks, it’s the truth), I didn’t want The Aili to be camouflaged amidst the latter category. Perfection being the foremost quality I seek to radiate through my personal journal, I would never allow myself to compromise on it. Hence, the lag. 

With that aside, you have my word that I’m back for good! Let’s start by drawing a faint picture of what’s been keeping me busy. 

Pune had me for about 6 months, in which I travelled to every little village & town around the city for work. As insightful as they were, I most definitely will not be revisiting those places again anytime soon. However, Pune is a gem of a city, and I have many fond memories of it.

December in Bombay was a gala month; this city will always hold a special place in my heart, and of course, burn a hole in my wallet as well. 

Post New Year, my last stint of about 3 months was spent in Bangkok, Thailand. Beaches. Thai food. SHOPPING. Need I say more? 

More on my travels across Thailand, & Cambodia & Malaysia soon.


  1. shubhalaxmi singhMay 1, 2015 at 12:59 AM

    It's so good to hear from you in a really long time! Welcome back and keep the lovely posts coming!

  2. Hi, I just returned from Thailand. I have a lot of positive impressions from this country, namely from Chiang Mai, where we settled. There we talked with many interesting people, eat delicious food, and ride around the city. For this, we rented motorcycles in the company Cat Motors, and they offered us to arrange insurance, in order to preserve our life and health. Later we realized that we really needed it, when on the way we met an elephant!)