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Friday, May 9, 2014


*photo 1:  Sleeping Hermaphroditus in the Louvre (my fav!)
 photo 2-3: Painted ceiling, Louvre
 photo 4-6: In and around the Pont Alexandre III bridge

Paris. Hm.. 

Beautiful. Romantic. Exquisite. Rich. Cultured. Historic. Artistic.

That's what we already know about this city. 

And it's because of pre-conceived ideas like this, that sometimes (most of the time), reality falls short of our expectations. Yep. I must have created this perfumed, sunny, cloud 9 of a city in my head, that when I came across foul smelling subways, scary streets, rude people, and over crowded trains, I found myself disappointed and sad. Moreover, in all my 7 days in the city, I had only one day of sunshine, and the rest of it was painted grey by storm clouds and rain. 

I wouldn't say that I didn't have a good time. In fact, I had a great time. But the bar was set too high in my head for reality to be able to match it. This isn't to say that I didn't meet nice people, or that the streets were all scary. No, I came across a lot of wonderful people, and most of the city was as beautiful as one would hope. Next time, I just gotta remember not to browse through too many pictures of a city before I go there! 

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