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Monday, May 26, 2014


[pants - chinese wholesale, boots - asos, jacket - mango]

Can you believe that this post has been lying in my drafts section for almost two years? It must have slipped my mind to finally publish it. I'm re-writing it because evidently things have changed by leaps and bounds since 2012. And yet, I find myself longing to go back to my DU days, and maybe re-write some of my past as well. Oh time travel, why are you such an unsolvable phenomenon? 

All jokes aside, I can't be more pleased by how things have turned out for me. My blogging hasn't come far from since then with all the lapses between posts, but I'm happy about how things have unfolded in other avenues; I got to live in & discover two new Indian cities, doubled my social capital, earned my first ever pay cheque, cleared my skin of serious acne, backpacked through Europe, travelled a hell lot, and finally graduated from academic life. I'm curious to find out where the road is leading me to now.

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