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Saturday, May 24, 2014


[wearing: coat & top - no labels, shoes - asos, jeans - bershka] 

"I shall wear a coat if the weather permits!" is probably my style motto. I would live for coat weather everyday. Period. I'm wearing this light, yet warm piece in subtle camel (I stole it from my sister). It's like a security blanket that hides away all your imperfections (body hair!) and still adds a cool and fancy vibe to the entire ensemble.

On a different note, puffy eyes are my worst morning nightmare; oh how they refuse to part with my dear ol' countenance. Sliced cucumbers, eye masks, under eye creams & serums, sleeping on high pillows, getting enough sleep, concealers; I've tried them all! It's about time to painfully accept defeat and believe that there's no remedy for this. I'm yet to try the LancĂ´me Genefique Yeux Light-Pearl serum and see if it's worth the hype (and price) but I'm losing hope on cosmetic technology, people! This be some bad, bad news. If you know any other tried and tested solution other than the ones listed above, I'd be glad to try. Merci beaucoup!

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