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Friday, May 23, 2014


There are some products that have slowly crept into my beauty bag and have climbed up the ranks to become indispensable tools for my daily grooming. Not the typical essentials one would expect to find in a cosmetic bag, but to me, each one has a very specific function that's become integral to my regular routine, and trust me, I don't use/own a lot of make up products. Let me go over each one specifically.

Texturising Powder: For someone with fine straight hair and absolutely no volume, a texturising powder is probably the only styling product that gives us additional volume at the roots, without having to tease or back-comb the hair. Some say blowdrying with your head upside down also helps, but that only gives a temporary lift. I'm using Bed Head's Sugar Dust. Smells sweet, works wonders, and it's lasted me a lifetime, so no complaints there. A little goes a long way! Tried and tested!

Blotting Sheets: My face is like an oil tank in the summer. No kidding. And acne prone skin needs to be so gently taken care of. Blotting sheets are my saving grace to quickly get rid of excess oil. The one I'm using is by Paul & Joe, but I've also seen them at Sephora, Body Shop and cosmetic stores that stock Clean & Clear products.

Mattifying Powder: Urban Decay's De-Slick Mattifying Powder is THE Holy Grail for us prisoners of oily skin! It's a transparent powder that absorbs oil, and removes shine, and can be used as a setting powder after putting on makeup. I also use this over my eye liner, because my oily lids can never hold gel liners without smudging. I'm not sure if Sephora has this, but you'll definitiely get it at If not, then there are other mattifying powders you could try.

Retractable Brush: Hygienic, handy and extremely soft, you'll always find my retractable brush in my beauty bag for on-the-go bronzer/blush application. 

Clear Mascara: This product has an amusing function to perform; to tame my flyaway hair, or baby hair that keeps tickling my forehead (which causes acne if I scratch it)! My friends have laughed at me for this, but it serves its purpose! I've never used this for its intended use (for eyelashes, obv), but it's such a useful gem. Anyone tired of tiny baby hairs that you can't keep in place? Try this little trick.

Eyelid Stickers*: This is a craze amongst East Asians with monolids. This photo shows the difference between a double eyelid and a monolid. Yours truly was unfortunately born with one double eyelid and one monolid. This meant that my eyeliner would be visible on just one eye, unless I drew a super thick line on one. Poor me. But I've found a way to try and even it out by using tape to create a 'line' or a 'double lid' on my other eye. Oh, the things I've done to achieve that! 

*You can get the double eyelid tape at Ebay or Amazon if you can't find it at your local cosmetic store.

I'm not much of a beauty blogger, but I thought this might help those of you (if) facing similar troubles.

Au revoir!


  1. Lovely... Where can I find the eyelid tape in India? Do they sell it online? :)

    1. Hey! I got mine from Delhi in this cosmetic store called Venus. If you want to order online, you could try Amazon or Ebay.


  2. Ohhh k... Thanks, I'll definitely check.... :)

  3. where can we get Sephora product in india well I stay in Bangalore