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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Drinking Tea in Style

Creativity in tea packaging is unbelievably underrated. The simple joy of having a butterfly on your tea mug can be therapeutic too! I've got to admit that I'm largely enthusiastic about innovative packaging, but even as a seldom tea drinker, these oddly attractive tea bags certainly make me want to ludicrously drink more tea. Of course, it's more important to consider the taste of the drink, but geez, I would most definitely like to have a couple of these on my mug as I sip on some green tea, which brings me to another story.

I've never been an avid tea drinker, but green tea with a tea spoon of honey has become a part of my daily mantra. I've come to painstakingly realize that my internal system needed more attention (more like TLC) than I'd been giving it ever since I started college. Students of Delhi University will probably be able to relate to what I'm referring to; ridiculous sleep patterns, binging on junk, oily (x100000) street foods, and constant dehydration.

I haven't seen much change in my sleep cycle, but I've added exercise, green tea and 2 litres of water to my daily regime, which makes me feel more positive about my health and general well-being.

1. Yena Lee (yellow butterflies)
2. Maria Milagros Rodriguez (red origami bird)
3. Tea Smiles (snowflakes)
4. Peter Hewitt (tall polyhedrals)
5. Anne-Marie Leger (voodoo dolls)
6. Nathalie Hallman (Lady Gaga tea bags)
7. Soon Mo Kang (Hanger tea)
8. Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner, OTOTO (submarine tea infuser)


  1. Those designers are so creative - I am loving the results! Must feel like a real treat to have a cup of tea that starts with a super pretty packaging. Just wish I could find those butterflies over here. x

  2. It's all in the mind. Not sure if some green leaves and a lil more H20 really do something good to our body but it certainly do good to the positive nerves up there!

    By the way I have ditto same things in my daily regime except honey. Apparently honey doesn't do any good unless is pure (which is a rare case these days). So you might like to skip that!

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