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Saturday, April 20, 2013


wearing: pants & shoes - asos, top - local store

Posting these images from my weekend at The Serai in March, just to keep this blog alive. I haven't had any new experiences in the past few days that are worth mentioning here, except the fact that my vivid imagination of what a chocolate factory would look like, courtesy Roald Dahl, has most definitely ended up in shambles. Reality is always disappointing, when it's set against something that you've created in your head.

Besides that, I'm certainly happy to be living in this part of the city. The weather is mildly troubling, but nothing I cannot deal with. I've also found my favourite shopping sites, in and around Colaba, so as far as thrifting is concerned, I'm content.

My camera hasn't seen the light of day in weeks so I'm desperately hoping that next weekend I have some real-time photos to share with you. Till then, take care!


  1. Love ur necklace n blouse! :)

    Maybe you have time to see my new blog post: StyleGodis + International Giveaway :)


  2. how do u order stuffs from asos ?

  3. Beautiful outfit! Such a gorgeous combination of colours! x

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