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Monday, April 8, 2013


Wearing: Blazer & Bag - River Island, Pants - Inmark (store in Bangalore). Shoes & Sunnies - Asos

I'm immensely fond of wearing lounge pants anywhere and everywhere owing to the comfort and coolness one derives from them. You can't ever be sad when you're wearing them. Honest. Or maybe it has its own charm on me.

Anyway, I've been going around discovering places in and around Colaba and I'm quite liking this part of the city. Hopefully by the time you hear from me again, I would have already covered half of it, and thus, have more to share with you.

Till then, wish me luck in my new pursuit, and all my love to you gorgeous people.


  1. They look wonderful on you! And it's such a great look. I also adore the white blazer - so perfect. x

  2. Gorgeous. I adore your sunglasses!:)

  3. I want a pair of lounge pants just like those! And I want to dress them up taking inspiration from this outfit. I love it! :)

    Style Infatuation

  4. Lovely, laidback look. Adore that summery jacket!
    If you have a minute, do take a peek at my blog, I'm a fellow Indian Fashion Blogger:]

    Shubhi's Revels!

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  5. Hi Imsu,
    I love the simplicity in your sense of style and expression. :) I was just going through blogs and bumped into yours. I know of a brand called Breakbounce. It is polls apart from your sense of style. Full of Vibrant neon colors. But i want you to just check it out. And a little shake up is good every now and then yea':)