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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Serai

You know those magical weekends one desperately dreams of when she’s chained by work and other commitments? Well, that’s exactly what came to pass a couple of days ago during the Women’s Day weekend. My very own 'fairy god women' from The Serai, Chikmagalur, generously invited me over to spend the weekend at their charmingly picturesque resort with a couple of gorgeous bloggers from Bangalore. 

Amidst enchanting candle-lit dinners, adventurous truck rides through the coffee plantations, chocolate making, savoring swims in the infinity pool, and the heavenly Oma Spa, I got to know these beautiful women. Fashion bloggers Smrithi, and Manvi, Travel blogger Ankita, Illustrator Alicia, Food bloggers Tanisha, Margaret and Swapna, fashion blogger/photographer Faiza, and the lovely team from Interactive Avenues and The Serai, Rohita Deepika and Ashvita. They’re such an incredible, lively, and enormously talented bunch; I wouldn’t have had so much fun otherwise. 

I’m still in awe of Alicia’s illustrations (they’re extremely adorable and relatable), Faiza’a flawless photography, Swapna, Tanisha (her photography too) & Margaret’s ideas and expertise on food and cooking, Smrithi’s vintage finds, Ankita’s travel diary (more like envious!) and Manvi’s approach to fashion and her remarkable resemblance to Katrina Kaif. 

From stimulating conversations about pets that stretched on for hours, to non-stop sounds of the camera shutter, we had a brilliant experience at The Serai, and I would definitely go back there sometime in the future.


  1. Sounds like the best kind of a getaway. Fun-interesting company, great venue, done in complete style! :)


  2. lucky girls!
    i would have loved to be invited! it looks like paradise!