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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Flare

Wearing: Top - Thrifted, Pants - American Apparel, Bag - Local store, Sunnies - Sabre

Here's a more detailed post on the Grazia's March 2013 feature. I'll be posting the rest in a while. This one's my favourite so I'm sharing it first. A big 'Thank You' to Raghunath from Aglet Design for these shots; I'd never been so comfortable during a shoot. It was great fun.

American Apparel needs a roaring shout because they're they only brand whose jeans fit me PERFECTLY. The only thing that could be an issue is that their jeans cost about $100 with shipping to India. But then again, it's always a good decision to invest in a pair of well-fitted pants, so no complaints here. Besides, they're always sending out discount coupons so watch out for those.

With that said, I wish you all a very Happy Easter. Ciao.


  1. That shirt deserves it's own post, it's gorgeous :)

  2. a must-have pair of flair pants! they're so clean and chic and sleek! :))

  3. Great shirt! :)

  4. Very Chic!!! I would have thought that flared pants won't look good but now after seeing you wearing them, I want one.

  5. Love your blouse!!! you are rocking those trousers! :)

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  6. I love American Apparel! <3 always dibbin' on em' jeans. Hope you can check out and follow my new blog thank you :)

  7. Gorgeous! Love everything about this outfit. You look amazing!