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Monday, March 25, 2013


Ear rings - Youshine Sunnies - Sabre

Do pardon my failed attempt at creating the splatter effect on Photoshop. It's just dawned on me that I only use about 1% of what this software is capable of and it's sort of alarming because it's reflective of how I'm not the perfectionist I thought I used to be. Not exactly the kind of realisation one would hope to come across while editing photos, I know, but things like this happen all the time and I don't know if I'm ever attentive enough to notice these things.

With that said, I shall be signing off to tend to my puppies who are presently jumping all over my Mac. 


  1. That's still a pretty good job at editing. I too struggle a lot with photoshop
    xo sabbi

  2. You'll get the hang of it, always seems massive at first. ;)


  3. sandhi sudha plus
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