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Monday, February 18, 2013


Jewellery: YouShineFabAlley, ASOS

With my closet in fragments all over the country; parts in Kohima, some in Delhi and the rest in Bangalore, I've lost track of my entire wardrobe content, and I often dream up an exciting outfit only to realize that I don't have the pieces to put together that damned attire. But then again, we all learn to live with what life throws at us, be it lemons or otherwise.

Having reduced the seriousness of life to the shallow domains of materialistic objects, let me move on to finer things, such as this darling of a jewellery stand given to me by two of my best friends. Now this is right up my alley; exactly what I need to glorify the remains of what I call a collection of body adornments. 

Often in conflict between whether to display my silver ear-rings or keep them wrapped in cloth in order to prevent tarnish, I've managed to devise a decent plan to decorate my room with this jewellery holder; keep them out till they lose their lustre, have them cleaned and polished, and put them back on the stand again. It's good enough to keep me entertained for a while, given that I seldom have any 'constructive' things to do in my cosy little room.

With this, I shall sign off until I reappear in cyberspace to publish my next post.