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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hairband - YouShine, Pants - American Apparel, Shoes - Zara

As much as I wanted to 'purr' and adopt the 'marble-eyes-with-paws-out' act, I couldn't possibly bring myself to do it. But this faux-pearl studded kitty-ear hairband didn't need it anyway, given how conspicuously catlike it already made me look. 

One can derive immense pleasure in prowling around the house, pretending to be Audrey Hepburn's imaginary pet cat and not give two hoots about what this opinionated world has to say. Mind you, I did fight off a potential 'cat fanatic' so I could wear it first and claim the prestige in being one of the feline community.

Besides that, it would not be wrong on my part to admit that a lot of women often admire the sophisticated manner in which cats behave, which also includes hissing and the walk with their head and tails held high. So ladies, don't be afraid to embrace your love for this refined and elegant, yet curious and mischievous class of the animal kingdom, and yes, I'm talking to those who particularly hate/dislike cats. 


  1. oh how lovely!amazing the cute cat ears.

  2. You look adorable.

  3. You look so cute! Love the cat hairband and the shoes!

  4. hey imsu! we meet again after ages! :D u look even lovelier now. love the outfit and the head gear. ^^

  5. Hi
    admin this awesome think for fashion its quite a different idea in fashion sandhi sudha plus
    thank you..

  6. Love those pants! n your hairband is cute!