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Sunday, February 10, 2013

After Dentist

Top - Rooja, Bracelet - YouShine, Pants - Local boutique, Belt - Zovi, Jacket - Vintage, Shoes - ASOS

Hungover on winter and its amenities, I've finally got parts of my wish granted to relive the Delhi chills again. Surely the most pleasant time of the year in this city, I've taken advantage of this good fortune to wear my sheer chiffon blouse and conceal what's underneath it with a well-cloaked coat. Of course, it's not the best idea in the world to walk around like this in Delhi, but after a point, you just stop bothering.

Moving on, as a patient (victim) of a recent wisdom tooth (teeth) extraction, I should emphasize upon the undeniable fact that dentists are frightful beings, so be good to your teeth and save the torture of having numerous tools drilled into your mouth, leaving it bruised and battered. Sigh. I really did have a horrific experience, even though, ironically, my oral surgeon was a sweetheart himself.

Amidst all these recent events, including my midterms, I've managed some artless stances and inelegant expressions to come up with a new post, so I'm hopeful that I have not disappointed my readers. 


  1. I cannot wait to see this pretty face! <3
    Your boots are breaking my heart.

  2. hey aili i loooooooooooove ur blog and i was waiting to see ur post.

  3. I love your shirt...You have styled it so well...Love your boots too xx

  4. Hi imsuu, I have recently taken a liking to your blog. And I love reading your blog. Your boots are amazeballs!!!

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