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Monday, October 1, 2012


springbreak dress,
asos shoes

The folks at SpringBreak sent me this gorgeous dress from their collection in collaboration with StyleDrive a while ago. As soon as I tried it on, I got reminded of the Grease Summer Lovin' track that I remember dancing to, in one of our school entertainment evenings. Oh, nostalgia! It makes me want to go back to being a distressed and awkward teen all over again. You'll find myself in giggles whenever I go through my teen years. We could probably document it into a best selling novel, we really could, considering the fact that we were such an obnoxious lot with countless first world problems. 

Coming back to the dress, I've developed this obsession for broderie anglaise and skater dresses so this fits in so well with it. The neon lining underneath the layer of lace is the cherry on top of the cake really. I could prance around in this all day if I could.


  1. Lovely dress <3
    You look lovely Imsü :)

  2. Feminine so pretty!

  3. love the dress.. lace it always my fav..
    xo sabbi

  4. Sometimes I get nostalgia and wish I was back in high school! It was so much easier than college, haha. Less stress!
    Loving the dress, it's so quaint! Great outfit :)

    Style Infatuation

  5. Wow, awesome dress! :)

  6. The dress is gorgeous - I loved the pink peaking out of white lace! :)
    NEw post is up at my blog -