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Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's been a while since I've taken self portraits. It always seems vain and narcissistic, but nevertheless, fun and delightful. Always take time off to reflect on yourself and learn to love what you have. Most of the time we're so busy trying to meet deadlines and submissions that we often discount the things that we enjoy doing, like reading a book or listening to music. I've been through this over and over again, but somehow this vicious circle never ends; there's always that moment when you realize, you're not spending enough 'alone' time to ruminate over life's pleasures and joys. I somehow wish I could spend the rest of my life only doing what I want. Adhering to rules and boundaries is always a killjoy, but then again, I'm just so good at it, sadly. One day I shall be the Jonathan Livingston Seagull and hopefully reach a 'higher plane of existence'.


  1. You will reach that plane if you want to :)
    Love your blog> Following it on bloglovin

  2. Awesome pics! You look great!