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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bare Naked

Yet another black and white post, in the midst of my chase after the Escada trio summer fragrances, Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, and coping with a terrible case of homesickness. I'm finding it even more difficult to blog with our quizzes starting off this week, and the sinking feeling is almost nauseating. 

A desperate call for inspiration and material pleasure was answered by these edgy pieces of jewellery from Fab Alley. They have so much more on site. They're probably the only Indian online store right now that's been keeping track of the latest trends in the jewellery segment.

I wasn't a fan of spikes till I saw these. There's some elegance about it, despite the conventional connotation of bikers and punks that's associated with spikes. Same goes for these oversized ear-rings. 

Want to make a statement? I'd suggest that you go through their collection, and you won't leave the site empty handed!


  1. Loving these pieces! And that gif is pretty darn cool.

    Style Infatuation

  2. really beautiful!!!
    love your necklace.

  3. Accessories are incredible! Love them!

  4. Love your necklace! <3