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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wolf & I

Oh Land has got me chained in spellbinding captivity with her music. Her song 'Wolf & I' is darkly inspirational and it's been the first song on my playlist ever since I stumbled upon it. Let alone the strange enticing melody, I love how vividly she portrays the story in her songs. 

"The only place we had to meet was night
While the sun he sleeps in shadows he can hide
On the mountainside we spent our time together
but it is gone when morning comes

And you are the wolf
And I am the moon
And in the endless sky we are but one
We are alive in my dreams
Wolf & I"

I hope you enjoy the song and this little extract from a shoot I did with my friend Neha, where I'm wearing my tangerine peg trousers and a floral bralet. Also, there's an exciting contest coming up so stay tuned!


  1. beautiful... love your bralet <3

  2. lovely corset! :)) and the song is nice!

  3. Great post!!! Please i invited you to my last post in, your comment is very important to the campaign "You'll die soon" all followers and comments you could win a symbolic prize for your blog! Thank You so much, Have a Great week!, Loli!

  4. Love the color of the pants. Looks so fresh paired with the floral corset.


  5. just found your blog and i love it!