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Monday, July 9, 2012

HP India's Fashion & Envy Contest

I’ve always had the notion that behind every fashion blogger, there is a techno geek that takes pride in her work, both as an artist and as a computer nerd. Forever being fascinated by any kind of state-of-the-art technology, I’m truly psyched to be a part of this campaign by Hewlett-Packard India to launch their new line of notebooks called the HP Envy Ultrabook.

This sleek, super-thin and stylish Ultrabook could doubtlessly give the touchscreen tablets a run for their money, without compromising on the basic functionality of a laptop. Aren’t we all about getting our work done on the go? Well, you can just slip one of these into your tote bag and carry it around without worrying much about how heavy your bag would get, because they’re nothing like our bulky laptops, and serve much more than a simple tablet. I’ll get into further details about its inbuilt features in the next post, but for now, you can admire its design and how aptly they fit into our daily regime.

Carrying it like a folder in your arms would be ideal if you’re into the minimalistic look without having to wear as many accessories. A small sling bag around your shoulder and the HP Envy Ultrabook in your arm would suffice if you want to head out to a lunch date with a friend, but can’t leave your work behind. You don’t even need to carry the adaptor, owing that to its 8 hour battery life, which is commendable for a full time computer like this one.

It would also probably fit into a 15-inch envelope clutch bag, although I haven’t tried it out for myself yet. The bags below seem perfect for this ace lightweight machine if you’re keen on getting a protective case for it. You know how it is with oversized clutches now days. It’s become one of the wardrobe staples, so if you already have one, you need not worry about getting a cover for the HP Envy Ultrabook.

Coming to how this is also fashionable for men, well, you don’t have to carry a school-boy back-pack to hold the HP Envy Ultrabook. A plain black skin/case would compliment a man’s style and persona in a subtle, handsome manner. Smart and savvy is how we like our men! (Right, ladies?)

Last but not the least, YOU have a chance at winning one of these for yourself! Just tell me how you think the HP Envy Ultrabook could affect your style or just tell me what your first impression of this new product by HP is in a comment below. Also, don't forget to mention your name and email. It’s as simple as that!

Disclaimer: This blog post is a part of HP India’s Fashion & Envy challenge. Want to win a cool just launched HP Envy Ultrabook just like this one? Participation is easy. Just leave a comment about this blog post in less than 100 words – just make it creative, witty and relevant! But want to see the laptop up close first? Log on to


  1. Wheeeee. ^_^ from whatever I can see, you're as chic as can be! I'm in the middle of writing an article and doing a blog post with a cat on the side playing with my hair and I have decided to give your contest a shot. :D

    HP's always had a series of the amazing laptop editions. This one is as slick as they come. It makes an instant impact especially because of its stainless steel, matte look. ;)


  2. That skirt! It's so amazing, have been searching for a similar one since ages!
    Where is it from? :)

    And finally a laptop that doesn't get me dragging one of those huge laptop bags around!(Not to mention How those heavy stuffed bags don't go with the most looks)
    For me, as a student, the sleek and the light weight design is a catch as well. Not worrying about carrying ( or breaking) the laptop would be a huge relief!


  3. Great Post btw! Loving the skirt~

    Talking about the laptop, Its a perfect melange of geek meets chic! I think its a perfect accessory for every fashionista on the move~ I have the perfect little place for it in my neon yellow over sized bag!


  4. WOW!!! let me repeat it... WOW!!!
    HP and AILI are like two-in-one ice cream... you can enjoy both the flavors... Yummy indeed! and you look as sleek and sexy as the ultrabook:)
    Coming to the contest, the laptop is as sexy as ever and carrying it around would make anyone look 10 times more stylish, uptown and classy! If I'd win this, I would take it everywhere with me, carrying it in a case or without a case or inside any of my bags ( the bags would be honoured) !!!
    let me not forget to mention my name and email id... so here it is,
    Rohini Rai or

    I am an HP person and a little afraid that I may just be joining the Apple bandwagon soon but given the chance I'd stick to HP because this laptop seems perfecto! I'd slip it into my daily bag and sometimes carry it in my arms. I think this laptop will be a part of my daily outfit and who needs accessories then? ;) It has all the basic features that one desires- sleek, smart and the perfect finishing. Excluding the software functions since you haven't introduced that section. All I know is that I would readily accept to give up on a Macbook and stick to HP if I won this beauty! :)

    Rinchen Ongmu Bhutia

  6. The first thing that went through my mind when i saw the ad on TV was I NEED IT. LIKE STAT. Been waiting for a laptop that's this minimalistic and chic. And its so convenient for like travelling and everything. no huffing and puffing over the heaviness. Till now the only one thats caught my eye is the Macbook, but that's wayy beyond my budget. So this contest is like an answer to my prayers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK MEEE! :3
    Name: Shahza Ali

  7. sewang yangtso dorji wazalingpaJuly 10, 2012 at 11:07 AM

    im in looove with ur skirt and -
    The HP envy just looks modern and chic- which totally defines my style!Its all black & red backside looks fabulous!With this who needs statement jewellery or big watches,its a statement laptop on its own1
    it gives apple a run for its money!
    the best part is ITS PORTABLE in a bag and a clutch; and there is no need 2 lug an ugly laptop bag around, which clashes with all my outfits and prevents me from taking it out much!
    I would really to win it and it would completely transform my style to nerdy chic!
    love ur blog <3<3
    sewang yantso dorji wazalingpa

  8. Personally, the laptop suits me a lot more than a laptop,as it is unique in it's approach to style, ruggedness and use.Moreover, I have to spend hours with a laptop given that my course requires me to do so and also-my old one one is practically dying, I would really like to win this perfect laptop!!
    Sonam Choden Bhutia

  9. A powerful lightweight Ultrabook juxtaposed with a trim skirted figure and held by ringed fingers… and my first thought was: Is this laptop only for women?

    I scrolled up and down and found the answer. The HP Envy is a gadget that brings both the hemispheres of our brain together, so to say. The logical, mathematical, precise, and conclusive happily walk together with the poet, dreamer, subjective, and emotive personality within. Fortunately we are all a healthy combination of both… and so this one is poised to attract us all.

    The HP Envy Ultra-book is surely a winner!

    Arvind Passey

  10. Ah! Just noticed that I need to give my email id as well...

    Arvind Passey

  11. Great post Imsu! I swear I regret till this date for choosing Sony Vaio over HP and now HP has come up with this design is fabulous!


    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

  12. With each passing year my laptop turns a year older and lives it up by acting it's age - Slow and certainly not wiser. I save money to fix my laptop and get it some much needed therapy or just go out and buy a new one, but unfortunately keeping my spending habits in mind I never come around to doing that.

    Having said all that, The HP Envy Ultrabook will be a brilliant and not to mention a far better replacement for my current laptop. It's simple, It's sleek and above all it's convenient to carry it around.
    Also I have no doubt that the HP Envy Ultrabook will add a generous dose of sophistication to my style. :)


  13. In the bag or out of it
    Deserves a kiss everywhere
    In size and weight it seems fit
    Comes with all the new software!

    Gadgets now can’t gadgets be
    They must sweat and walk on ramp
    Be fast, work more, and be free
    For the gamer in the champ!

    They must go out, win new fans
    Get eyeballs and get eye scans
    With their smiling colour tans
    Never be the also-rans!

    For me, reading this review of the HP Envy Ultrabook was like going on a date with a finance genius who acts like Aamir Khan, dresses like Ranbir Kapoor, and pouts like Hritik Roshan! Loved the experience… of reading a review. Hope I win and also get to fall in love with this machine!!

    Dr Sangita Passey

  14. This laptop is definitely a beauty from every angle. This is much better than my 3kg Dell XPS:size-wise, configuration-wise, weight-wise and look-wise. And not to mention the Beats audio(which i'm willing to trade with my JBL) is like an icing on the top. Review says 9 hours battery :O Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Much better than Macbook. This is like HP saying "In your face" to Apple :D

  15. Forgot to mention my email.

  16. Love it! I don't think you need a laptop cover for this, pretty sleek to carry it around normally like an oversized clutch :)

  17. you know how guys always think girls are not savvy enough to know what a good laptop is?
    well , you have just proven them wrong.
    i esp love the fact that its light weighted.
    its tedious for me when i have to carry a huge laptop plus omg its so heavy!! but this laptop from hp will make my life so much easier.
    and i love the color combination too (being a beauty cum fashion blogger) black with popping red or fucshia....(wow!its definitely every fashionistas must have laptop!)
    And theres just no comparison when it comes to the battery 8 hours!!! the most i can go upto with my old laptop is 1 hour.
    so i hope i win this laptop ...
    fingers crossed

  18. In this 21st century it is more than essential for a woman to not only be beauty at its most staggering yet be in absolute favor of technology at its best . A woman who has an enigmatic palate for style and sensuality would never miss out on this spectacular launch of an extremely convenient and handy gadget launched by the Hewlett- packard . As for me , a book work worm who needs her electronics to be book shelf affable which is displayed most excitingly on this blog , makes it although more exciting and more than anything i would love to carry around my notebook , as i love to scribble but at times i need access to information ie , videos , research material , anything and everything , which is not always compatible to the mobile tablet , so this is the best wish a person could ask from her fairy god mother !! Keeping in mind the software is better than acceptable . So thumbs up to this stunner .
    Neha Raj Singh

  19. HP ENVY 4 ULTRABOOK is one such sleek model among branded laptops and also it is attention attracting laptop. I would love to have it which comes with better audio and also great battery life. I can just imagine myself carrying it around everywhere, showing it off and giving off that smug look when people stare at it in admiration. Oh, how badly I want this! I Just hope that I could win this... ABID HUSSAIN CHOWDHURY
    Ph.No.: 8768674861

  20. Stylish, Easy to carry and as small as books to store, Loving to carry, Fabulous design. Words not required when picture speaks by itself...


  21. Hp's new lappy hmmm love it as its light weight, Ultra fast, Slim design so need not carry that old heavyweight lappy with u.. It also adds a trendy style to ur look..

  22. Nasruddin shaikhJuly 14, 2012 at 1:20 PM

    new envy book by hp love its new trendy look, light weight, super fast for lazy ppl,s like me. now can easily carry my lappy lightweight.

  23. Have you heard the latest?
    That thing is just what I need ;
    I must have the greatest ;
    I need 10 times the speed ;
    What I have is old tech ;
    How have I lasted so long ;
    I'm going crazy; I'm a wreck ;

    Save me " MY HP ".

  24. Ahhh....finally something minimalistic...

    Was once a fan of HP....before they started pouring out bulky and underpowered notebooks...that pushed me to vaio/mac

    Seems they are back into the action and most certainly seems(from your experience) this little beauty will bring back that old glory i miss so dearly. With the battery life I’ve come to expecte from MAC’s. It has come to be very important now.
    Well won't now till I get my hands on one of these though :)

    Rabimba Karanjai

  25. it is sleek, stylish and super stunning!!
    i would love to get one.


  26. The HP Envy Ultrabook is a symphony to one's eye,a caramel in one's mouth,a feather-light laptop in one's hand and surely a feather in one's cap.By the way,I am bereft of words to define it's look and your style.


  27. Soon my ex girl friends will be jealous of my new girlfriend HP ENVY ULTRABOOK.
    It even gives competition to them.
    I can take it where I want, lighter than my girlfriend, even slim, it protects your data which my girlfriend don’t and smart response.
    Now I am not alone in nights where ever I am with my ENVY. It stays with me all night but girlfriends leave. I enjoy watching movie with ENVY all night and surfing with it. Thanks HP for giving me such cute girlfriend.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I have been an HP pavilion user from few years now but as soon as i looked at this new HP ULTRABOOK product,i was instantly attracted to its sleek and sheen look while maintaining and even enhancing the configurations!
    Sort of like us girls ;) shiny and delicate on the outside and a woman of power on in the inside.How well would this ultrabook define a woman of power who knows how to be in style very well!
    For me the ultrabook is stylish in itself and go with any look ranging from formal,casual and chic.The blog shows a great way to carry the ultrabook.We no longer need to wait for our important work since we can carry it anywhere in a cute notebook clutch and make a statement and be the envy of people :)

  30. The new HP laptop.

    What can I say about it , or should i say what can i NOT say about it.
    For a girl like me, it's just perfect.
    Why me? Well I could be the best and the most suited user ever! , well one among the million or billion in fact.
    I am a regular average college student but i have a weird jinx attachment. And a little butter-finger as well. And the new HP ultra-book is ultra-safe, how can it not be THE ONE. lol
    I would love to have it, also cause I need it. My last and my first laptop was HP itself and I am sticking to HP. Not the I got bored of the other one just got stolen. Bummer.
    I am also on the move alot and I like to take my laptop around with me.
    And with its ultra-light weight would just help like ALOT.
    I would want and need and yes WISH to win this HP ultra-book.
    Not just its sexy looking and easy to carry-off and that i need it. Its just seems the right laptop for me just like for everyone else .
    But yeah I think i want most. :P
    Hope i get to win this HP ultra-book. I would totally get my work done and have a new love in my life again :)
    The slikest laptop has arrived and I am eyeing for it.
    Besides whats not to Envy about it . ;)


  31. I really want to win the Hp ULTRA-BOOK.
    It is really pretty looking and super slick.
    It would look awesome in my cute brown bag too. I guess teaming up with Beat was a smoothing idea.
    Ultra-book really got my attention. the type that wont let me keep my options open and I love it.
    I would love to win :)
    Please do pick me.

    Michelle Anar.

  32. Hello
    Computer as such was one of the wonders of 20th century.The first computer was almost the size of a house.Its got smaller and smaller and now it has reached upto the thin and lean ultrabooks.Who knows tomorrow it may become more smaller and we will find it difficult to find it.I am happy that you like it.Anyone who has something in upstairs will surely like it.I am also a college student.I don’t have a laptop,I can get satisfied with any laptop but ultrabook is also a symbol of style and fashion.I am not so lean I am a fatty.I can’t become so I can have atleast a lean laptop.With tech I can shine just like HP is shining among other companies.

    Last one more thing ,like a poet once told hp envy is a wonder and I surely want to win it

  33. We’re locked up in ideas,
    We like to label everything,
    You say, "What’s your style?"
    But who cares?
    I'll be your dream, fantasy, hope, wish, love,
    I'm strong, faithfull, Superlight,
    I like to be everything that you need,
    'Cos I'm counting on a new beginning.
    I'm Envy -” make it better”

    Tushar Saini

  34. When technology meets class.

    The all new HP Envy Ultrabook(or should I call it sleekbook?) has left me starry eyed since it’s advertisement days and seeing it up-close here, has very much confirmed that it’s not just hogging all the lime-light for nothing.

    It’s fast. It’s lightweight. It’s fashionable.

    Best of three worlds in one laptop.

    Who needs accessories? Complete your trendy up-to-the-minute look with this swanky chic-looking recent member of the HP family.

    Choose stlyle. Choose ENVY.

    Name: Surbhi Dhawan

  35. I love the HP envy! It looks so sleek and stylish, and I've heard so many great things about it! So powerful and fast, It would definitely make my life much easier!! I'd love to win an amazing laptop like the HP envy!!
    Stefanie Gladden

  36. The Look and the Sleek Design is the Plus for ENVY Series...It Flaunts the name on the Top which is a STATUS Symbol as well...

    One would not even feel anything by carrying this...It's almost the size of a book and hardly weights that much..I wonder is this the next level of Laptop Series any one could offer??

    My Mail ID -

  37. Well, let me say that this definitely sprouts the fashionista in me in the very first glance. Drooling , I was left, when I saw the sleek and swanky HP Envy Ultrabook. Being an engineering student (and someone who's about to appear in civil services exam) , this scion of the HP Family is at the epitome of my must-have list . Its endurance and lightweight attributes, along with its ever-so classic body textures , have got me enthralled and it would provide a bit of slack to my taut preparation schedule by having an on-the-go gear for all my educational needs.
    To me, the HP Envy Ultrabook symbolizes a perfect medley , where both the universes , of fashion and technology , seem to conjunct coherently.
    Name: Megha Sharma

  38. Love the sleek HP Ultra, its defining metal looks make you Envy.
    The glossy red color is just like a bunch of rose petals on the bed.

    Being a part of metro, you should never miss on such gadgets.
    They look super slim just like this blogger and make your hearts go ga ga..

    You don't buy, you deserve it.

    Name: Aylwin Jerry
    Email ID:

  39. When technology meets class.

    The all new HP Envy Ultrabook(or should I call it sleekbook?) has left me starry eyed since it’s advertisement days and seeing it up-close here, has very much confirmed that it’s not just hogging all the lime-light for nothing.

    It’s fast. It’s lightweight. It’s fashionable.

    Best of three worlds in one laptop.

    Who needs accessories? Complete your trendy up-to-the-minute look with this swanky chic-looking recent member of the HP family.

    Choose stlyle. Choose ENVY.

    Name: Surbhi Dhawan

  40. Wonderful, Fabulous, amazing... the words can used to call HP Envy Ultrabook.... it is BETTER THAN THE BEST... It is not like other LAPs (Mosquito killing LAPs)... some laps are used to kill only mosquitoes...
    I like this very much true value for money....
    I recommended this....
    a true LAP liker will fall in love with this....
    I'm sure....

  41. HP revealed Beauty of heavens to its users so as to me , beauty gadget, Beauty divine, Beauty supreme.This lofty truth will remain unchallenged for many years i guess...this piece of perfectly designed and assembled has changed my perception towards laptops.

  42. Evrythng nwadyz is al abt flaunt n show off n when u have this sleek baby wid u u can stop urslf from showing off. The sleek, elegant, stylish, classy n yet powerful to help u in ur daily work. Finally a gorgeous to sit on ur LAP n u would love it..... Good work HP.

  43. When do I write, for whom, and why
    Will everytime have reason same
    I smile when I see people try
    And play a fair, straight-forward game!

    Quite possibly they are unknown
    And wishing others know them well
    When, from a fair game, they have grown
    I write for them, I say they're swell!

    Well, these words have come out in favour of 'The Aili' and 'HP Envy' for both follow the tenets of a fair game. They're growing -- on their own strength -- and so I dedicate the above lines to them!

    A Passey

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  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. I am so in love with the new HP Envy ultra book... it looks so sleek and stylish that it would instantly glamorize anyone who carries it … I so love the fact that the battery life is 8 hrs where one can use the lappy anywhere anytime..

    Kudos on the caption Envy as it will for sure envy a hell lot of laptop brands:D

    PS- The Aili - i love going through your blog.. I've never commented but saw this contest and the greed in me gave in:D...Love your style.

    1. sorry forgot the most impt part incase i win..

      dechen yeshi

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Sleek! The Envy Ultrabook looks quite at home in a fashion blog. Also, its TV commercial is reeeaaally effective, I must say. It makes me super envious everytime I see it. Pun intended :D
    Nice pictures, btw :) especially the bookshelf wallah ^^
    Finally, you wouldn't happen to know the song in the TV ad, would you?

    Lanusongla L

  51. It's Ultra Mobile,

    It's Ultra Slim,

    It's Ultra Light,

    It's Ultra Fast,

    It's Ultra Secure,

    It's Ultra Smart ,

    It's Ultra Responsive ,

    It's Ultra Affordable,

    It's Ultra Stylish ,

    It's Ultra Powerful ,

    it's the Ultrabook™ that’s impossible to ignore

    It's HP Envy Ultrabook™ &

    It's up for Anything

    Siddhant Kumar

  52. My present laptop has given up on me. Something about the motherboard. I’m not tech-savvy as such; I really don’t get into the nitty-gritty’s. The car must run no matter how long ago I filled fuel, and the laptop must last through the entire three hours of Kucch Kucch Hotha Hai without me launching into a final countdown before I dash for the power chord. Yep, I’m unreasonable that way. So, I’m looking at the specs of HP Envy right now, and I don’t understand it all. But 8 hours battery life, super light and excellent audio are right up my alley. You should give it to me because, well, you made it for people like me. ;)

  53. The SHOW STOPPER has arrived!

    Quick, sleek, modern and efficient. That’s exactly what a on-the-go people needs!

    Everybody wants to look their best. That's one of the reasons why Ultrabooks are becoming so popular & highly desirable lifestyle accessory with HP ENVY Ultrabook DO MORE THAN TURN HEADS. DROP JAWS

    It's as beautiful as it's functional One’ll never get tired of staring at it.

    It's something that's more a fashion accessory. I admit a HP ENVY Ultrabook is must have fashion accessory

    You don't always have to look under the surface to find the truly beautiful things in life.

    Garima Kumari

  54. HP Envy Ultrabook: a unique combination of artistic craftsmanship & advanced technology. A portable PC that’s eminently cool,stylish & powerful, gifted with a harmony of great looks and potent features.Despite the compact form factor, HP envy Ultrabook™ doesn’t skimp on tantalizing graphics, rendering everything from multimedia to productivity in amazing fidelity.
    An eye-catching metal design that embody the tranquility and infinite potential of this Ultrabook™. HP developed entirely new production processes and machining tools to create the Envy UltraBOOK™ never misses a beat with amazing technology that offers the fastest, most efficient and breathtaking experience in its class


  55. Next-generation Ultrabook for next generation people
    a display that stretches the imagination,The HP Envy Ultrabook packs all the versatility you expect from an Ultrabook Breath taking design that's nothing short of revolutionary
    BeatsTM Audio offers unmatched sound quality
    Backlit keyboard and elegant design capture the attention of those who cross the HP Envy ultrabook
    With uncompromising performance one can truly see and feel it's the Ultrabook™ that’s impossible to ignore
    mobile enough to go wherever you want, powerful enough to do whatever you want, and dependable enough to use whenever you want that is up for anything.


  56. HP embodies immaculate design and high-quality construction of the HP Envy Ultrabook laptop's smart innovations and breathtaking speed.
    Measure Your Battery in Hours and Years that Keeps up with you, day or night
    Ultrabook that delivers an overall top excellent encounter with outstanding style and efficiency.
    Beats Audio that delivers big sound in a small package
    HP CoolSense technology that incredibly keeps the laptop cool for longer duration
    Ultra thin, Ultra light that one would forget the word "weight"
    Features for Every Interest and Budget Ringing bell without wringing out our wallet.HP ENVY ULTRABOOK that is up for anything

    Avinash Kumar

  57. It's the ultimate combination of portability and power,the HP ENVY ULTRABOOK™ epitomizes tranquility that seamlessly integrates with the lives of users.fusion of beauty, strength and stability , built on new values, and evolved for a new age where finding what’s truly important in our lives is more vital than ever. Simple, subtle but totally sophisticated, the HP ENVY UltraBOOK™ can be your companion and guide in this new phase of technological evolution which will make you Stand Out from the Crowd
    HP ENVY ULtrabook that plays by its own rules and is up for anything and everything


  58. Sleek and compact, minimal, cool,
    It's got you dreaming like a fool,
    So matte, so light, you need a second look,
    At the brilliant HP Envy Ultrabook..

  59. What one needs is Fastest, powerful, stylish, Portable type of notebook which suits your personality and a trust of its brand name. And you cannot have better than a HP ENVY UltraBOOK™. Its a new phase of technology evolution with an ever more slim, stylish type of notebook. Anybody who buys will have a worth of money and people around him/her will definately notice your notebook. Its for everybody who loves technology with style. Being myself a professional, I advice everybody to have it . Morethan anything its the trust of HP.
    Thumps UP for the new ever HP ENVY UltraBOOK™
    Reach me at

  60. If it were a song, it'd be "I'm Sexy and I know it". If it were a pair of sunglasses, it'd undoubtedly be Wayfarers. A getaway destination and it'd be Vegas, a fashion accessory and it'd be the Mini Black Dress. A watch and you could call it Rolex, shoes and they'd be no less than Manolo Blahniks. A movie star and it’d be James Dean, a car and it’d be Mustang. “Star Wars” if it were a movie and an F1 race if a sport. It’s crazy cool. It’s an HP Envy Ultrabook.

  61. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a love affair with laptops. It started with a notebook. It barely worked between us. After a painful break-up, the next one turned out to be a cheater. He preferred to shut down than be with me. I was given an hour at most.

    It's been difficult. But like true love’s nature, I saw IT suddenly. Sleek, bold and absolutely magnificent! (And TOUGH! Rawr). A perfect arm candy to ALL my outfits.

    Yes, my affair with HP Envy would indeed be a tale of the kind I love reading.


    Tanvi B

    (P.S. I adore your outfit! It reminds me of Missoni. :D)
    (P.P.S I finally managed to cut down my review - after editing and deleting AND editing AND deleting - to a perfect score 100! *beams happily* I just about went on and on about my love. ;) )

  62. hp envy ultrabook
    its totally an "ultrabook"
    its slim
    its light
    its fast
    its sparkling
    its affordable
    its everything u want in your laptop
    hp envy ultrabook
    "inspired by intel,perfected by hp"
    hp best laptop manufactureer
    intel best processor manufacturer
    both meet together
    to create a revolutionary notebook called "ultrabook".
    its the best ........
    believe me.
    ravi prakash

  63. Can’t believe stuff people type in hope of winning. Like old hard drives, they boot up and keep on spinning. But I’m staying cool, not trying to come off brash, coz like the HP Envy, my memory’s also flash. But I ain’t gonna bore you with some tech specs. See that’s just the geek version of phone sex. I was a PC dude, then I went Mac and good that Steve’s passed, coz he’d frown knowing I might be switching back. So if you pick me, the thing I’ll do first, is pop it open and type you a verse.

  64. With the Elegance and Style of new HP Envy is not just a high-tech Laptop but also the show stoppers for others. Therefore the Stunning Looks, Outstanding Features and Superior Performance of the HP Envy can make it my place at the top. It’s a stylish, efficient and lightweight machine for the Business person and student like me as well. I recommend everyone for HP Envy because the products of HP are excellent in performance and highly durable. Life goes smarter when we are connected with latest technologies and superior brands.
    "simbol vishwakarma"

  65. Email-

  66. Desktop,Laptop,Notebook & now Ultrabook,HP always have its own significance in the crowd.In the world of printer HP has no competitor.I personally love this brand a lot.
    Beautiful design,stylish looks,superior performance,slim yet powerful are the new features of HP envy ultrabook.It really changes the way of computing out of the charging time limit.In the time of tablet pc,it creates a new trend for ultrabooks.
    Its my dream machine,love to have it soon.First HP created "Computer is personal again" & now "Notebook is personal again".

  67. Hold your breath; as Prada blends with tech.
    Flirtatious looks and curves which make it a quintessential fashion accessory.
    The silicon chip tease; as sweet as it could get...the au courant Envy!


  68. First of all Fantabulos giveaway! And, yes HP Envy ultrabook indeed is very light-weight, thin and sleek looking Ultrabook. I liked the fact that it’s very light in weight and it can easily fit into 15 inch clutch bag. The first look of this ultrabook is like a folder and I love the fact it is thin, light-weight easy to carry in a clutch bag. Nonetheless to say, it seems it is made keeping in mind my wrists as I cannot carry heavey weight stuff as my wrists starts to pain. If we talk about the features of this product, that is other field where in this Ultrabook will give competition to touch screen tablets as this has battery that can lasts all day long, crystal clear display with awesome sound and excellent speed. As a fashion statement, I believe this would be one of my accessories which I would love to carry it apart from wearing anklets, bracelets, ear rings.
    Meenakshi Kapur

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  70. Want to do fashion with HP Envy Ultrabook? It is more than just a fashion statement. It has gorgeous, sleek and fashionable look along with lustrous charcoal hued glistering surface. This light and style icon attracts modern women who cares for fashion and also passionate to technology. The trendy smooth edge metal case makes it a perfect pack of fashion. It fits into any stylish bag or in tote which makes it easy to lug around. It is dressed to deliver power, entertainment and portability.
    Sparsely designed handy HP Envy Ultrabook makes you fashionable as it fits with any costumes and thus you can use your HP Envy Ultrabook as a fashion accessory

    Rajeev Kumar
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    Mobile : 9716252645

  71. The trend chariots the fashion. The trend of sleekness has sporadically articulated the world of fashion to such an extent that HP Envy Ultrabook has now become an icon to symbolize every gadget that reveals your characteristics. The rising temptation of highly configured gadgets with 6 GB DDR2 RAM, and 214 power backup is now the trend to equally compete the sleekness in the world of fashion. Let the globalization embrace the world of fashion extending more intense parameters where the scrutiny of understanding of fashion can either be taken into consideration while measuring the ramp with revolutionary steps.

    Mahendra Pratap singh
    Mobile : 7503971571

  72. I admit that Ultrabooks are "fashion accessories" like clothes and phones, and must be attractively designed to be considered for purchase. However, That's not the first thing that comes to my mind when looking at a Ultrabook, but I can see how some folks might think so. They are seen in the coffeeshop tweeting on the Ultrabook, so I suppose it makes a statement about who they are. It’s fast. It’s lightweight. It’s fashionable. It certainly explains why HP Ultrabook are so popular, they set the bar for the perfect Ultrabook.

    I appreciate the nicely designed models but it's not way up on the list of important factors for consideration. I am more interested in how portable and powerful they are. Attractive design is a benefit, but not a requirement. After reading your review, let me conclude - The SHOW STOPPER has arrived! Cheers to the envy of all laptops :)

  73. you know my guy says that this HP ultrabook is like a perfect girlfriend....thin, light, good to look at, makes other 'envy' you...and always in your lap!


  74. HP Ultrabook looks fab with all your outfits..its totally sleek and stylish..perfect accessory for us..and we can remain connected to the world with this wherever we may be..a must have this one..
    FB: Bhumika Thakkar

  75. The More Important Think Is it do Rich media or Technical task
    With Lite Weight & Sexy Style.....
    Thanks HP

  76. The new HP Ultrabook in a way defines our times. We demand optimum performance and portability. We dream of even sleek-er devices. We seem to believe good things come in small packages. Valid only for electronic devices. *laughs*

    And here comes in HP Envy with the right mix of technical features, size and a certain bit of panache. HP Envy gets that fine balance between science and art, just right. Its sleek, resourceful and yet so powerful.

    This beautiful piece of machine is here to stay…

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  78. Does the blog has to be STRICTLY within 100 words?

  79. Its so sexy.
    Its an ultimate fashion accessory that's stylish & useful too!!!
    I'd pair it up with some crisp white shirt & skinny blue jean & some colorful bead accessories and stilettos.
    Or I'd pair it with some soft flowing knee length summer dress with thick framed goggles and flats.
    Or I'd pair it with a LBD and sequinned blazer.
    Or I'd even just pair it with my nightdress and blog ABOUT it, ON it! Lolz!!!
    - Bhushavali (
    Fashion Panache

  80. With its rubberized red base, the HP Envy’s comparisons with Louboutions are but obvious…And just like the perfect pair of Louboutions, the HP envy is that fashion accessory that will add that extra oomph of glamour to every outfit…
    and also like how a perfect shoe is “forever”, HP envy with its cutting edge new technology is going to be around for a long time, a favorite with everyone and a coveted accessory by fashionistas and geeks alike!!

  81. The very first word that comes to my mind- WOW!! This Ultrabook will be my ultimate partner for the last year of my college. Its design is so angelic. Your photograph in this post says how light it is with is powerful capabilities. Beats audio brings in the sounds of the universe & the HD screen brings in the life. I am an avid gamer so I would like once again to play Max Payne3 on this amazing machine of HP. I envy my friend of having his Envy ultra book & I will be waiting for mine.

  82. U luk ravishing..but u luk deadly..u luk charming..u luk who's dis u??...ultrabuk or blogger!! sorry for being witty.. but itz u..:P

  83. As an Engineer & a fashion enthusiast, I feel compelled to express my feelings. Beauty is skin deep they say. A package of outstanding performance and exceptionally designed looks packed in a superlight chassis - this will perfectly define the new ultrabook from HP. & Wow she’s size zero too ! This seems really a workaholic mean machine who likes to travel alot :p Cheers to HP for crafting some Chunky Heart in Chicky looks.
    Well, we men like to flaunt our gorgeous ladies and make neighbors go ENVY… what say guys,ready to make new girlfriend… a beauty with brains?

    saeesh shetkar

  84. Imsu & HP Envy Ultra book -This is a open letter of a die hard technology enthusiast and a self proclaimed geek. For some one like like me who is always torn between the choice of a laptop/notebook on one hand and a tablet on the other hand this review comes as a life saver for it proclaims beyond doubt that I can have the best of both worlds and the fact that the battery lasts about 8 hrs is a blessing for a person like me who is always on the move. HP Envy ultra book dispels the myth that 2 be geeky & nerdy one has to look gawky since it is the perfect combination of beauty & brains so much so that even I will look both intelligent & good with it . Need I say more?
    Alok Seth

  85. Question: As per you what might be the consequences of not buying HP ENVY ULTRABOOK:
    Answer: I'll for sure end up repenting by writing this:
    “It came my way and threw itself over me. It was gorgeous, yet I decided to wait for a better one to fall for. I thought, it wasn’t the one I wanted and I deserved something better. As I kept waiting, ‘something better’ never came and I remained in dismay. Now, I am left only with the saying: ‘Opportunity never knocks twice’.
    HP ENVY ULTRABOOK was an Opportunity - Truly Up for anything.”

  86. For Style it’s got Curves,
    For Appeal it’s got firmness,
    For genteel it’s got finish,
    For effectual it’s got Beats ®,
    For Youth it’s got technology,
    For perception it’s got in perspicacious,
    For me it’s HP Envy ;)

    Subhash Kumar

  87. The Hp Envy Ultrabook has a sleek, funky, modern design on the outside but at its heart is a sturdy, powerful machine which has a host of user-friendly features. Being an Architect, I understand that designing a light-weight notebook which performs immaculately must have posed a number of challenges for the designers at HP; one of the toughest things to do is to combine tradition and usability with modernity. But with savvy design and lightweight materials, it flawlessly merges two starkly different spectrums of the design environment, so similar to my work! HP Ultrabook = Great Design = Me!

    Nitisha P

  88. AWESOME WHAT A SEXY LOOK ;P . I'm not talking about the skirt I'm talking about that ultrabook . Well my son has just become 16 and this could be a perfect gift for him . WOW I really admire its processor and its EXTRRRRRAAAA LOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG BATTERY LIFE . I wonder how will it look in my hands . WHY NOT CHECK IT OUT ;)

  89. Anisha saikia ( 24, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    I am using my mobile since internet existed.. Worked for h.p. centre for more then a year, know quite a lot about the functionality.. Always dreamt of owning it and yes my style statement would soar sky high if i own this :)