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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HP Fashion & Envy Giveaway Reminder!

So it’s been almost two weeks since the HP Envy Ultrabook arrived at my door, and I have to say that, biased as it sounds, it is SUCH a clever gadget. Besides its size and style, I’ve found plenty of other features in it that has quite invitingly wooed me, like how one would dream of having a handsome stranger sweep you off your feet on the streets of Paris. [Sounds better when it’s pronounced ‘Pah-ree’]

Before I proceed further, I’d like to remind you that one of you could luckily end up with one of these too. You just need to leave a (funny/hilarious/creative/brilliant) comment on this post in LESS THAN 100 WORDS, before the 24th of July. It may relate to anything about the HP Envy, or about this post. After all, this is a contest, and HP is willing to reward one of their fans with an Envy Ultrabook for their continued dedication and support.

Noticed the clutch bag and the Ultrabook? Doesn’t it look like as if they've been made for each other? I’m really fussy about not getting scratches on my gadgets so I had to inevitably find a case for this one, although before I’d got the clutch, I’d been carrying it around without a cover, as seen here.

Also, you must have already read about its Dr. Dre’s Beats built-in speakers and subwoofers in some of the other reviews, but in case you haven’t, let me just enlighten you with the same. My music player is probably collecting dust somewhere because I genuinely prefer listening to my music through the Envy with these hi-tech speakers.  So that’s a huge plus point from a music junkie like me. Makes me desperately anticipate the next season of The New Girl so that I can watch it on this.

Moving on, I’ve been carrying the Envy Ultrabook to class, to meetings, and coffee meets, with minimal effort because of the lightweight factor and the Intel Rapid Start feature. I haven’t yet experienced any hiccups in running this beauty, so I’m quite sure I won’t have anything to complain about for a long long time.

I’ve posted the official video advertisement below since I didn’t have the time to come up with one myself. [Blame the hectic business school schedule!]

This blog post is a part of HP India’s Fashion & Envy challenge.
Want to win a cool just launched HP Envy Ultrabook just like this one? Participation is easy. Just leave a comment about this blog post in less than 100 words – just make it creative, witty and relevant! But want to see the laptop up close first? Log on to


  1. Its sexy and darn sleek. Just like me!
    Hence it belongs to me ;)

  2. Dear Envy!

    We envy you for you are sleek and slim (Everyone wants to be skinny eh?)
    We envy you for chicks dig you and guys go gaga all over you (Having the best of both worlds eh?)
    We envy you cause you light up in a sec (Prompt much?)
    We envy you cause everything you do is a catch!
    Your sound
    Your look
    Who knows maybe even your smell!
    So yes envy, we all envy you and Imsu too, for she has you!

    -All the other disgruntled laptops/Ultrabooks/Netbooks!


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  4. I really ''envy''(pun intended)' how you can carry your hp around with minimal effort everywhere, because seriously I wont be suprised if my arm grows an inch longer because of the weight of my current laptop..and most importantly, I think this sleek beauty reallly matches my aesthetic as a designer too.(well, designer in the making actually). Sleek, minimal effortlessly stylish. This laptop is madee for me.
    Hoping to be proud owner,
    Sangay Choden Negi,

  5. first of all you are India's best Fashion bloggers and that is a teaser of your skills You are much more of it .
    Just like HP Envy Ultrabook what can i say is not enough but i have tried to do it as following
    It’s Ultra Mobile,
    It’s Ultra Slim,
    It’s Ultra Light,
    It’s Ultra Fast,
    It’s Ultra Secure,
    It’s Ultra Smart ,
    It’s Ultra Responsive ,
    It’s Ultra Affordable,
    It’s Ultra Stylish ,
    It’s Ultra Powerful ,
    it’s the Ultrabook™ that is impossible to ignore
    It’s THE HP Envy Ultrabook™ &
    It’s up for Anything

    Siddhant Kumar

  6. you know my guy says that this HP ultrabook is like a perfect girlfriend....thin, light, good to look at, makes other 'envy' you...and always in your lap!


  7. The SHOW STOPPER has arrived!

    Quick, sleek, modern and efficient. That’s exactly what a on-the-go people needs!

    Everybody wants to look their best. That's one of the reasons why Ultrabooks are becoming so popular & highly desirable lifestyle accessory

    It's as beautiful as it's functional One’ll never get tired of staring at it.

    It's something that's more than a fashion accessory. I admit HP ENVY Ultrabook is must have fashion accessory
    BECAUSE You don't always have to look under the surface to find the truly beautiful things in life.

    Garima Kumari

  8. HP Envy Ultrabook a unique combination of artistic craftsmanship & advanced technology. A portable PC that’s eminently cool,stylish & powerful, gifted with a harmony of great looks & potent features.Despite the compact form factor, HP envy Ultrabook™ doesn’t skimp on tantalizing graphics, rendering everything from multimedia to productivity in amazing fidelity.

    An eye-catching metal design that embody the tranquility and infinite potential of this Ultrabook™. HP developed entirely new production processes and machining tools to create this ultimate masterpiece that never misses a beat with amazing technology that offers the fastest, most efficient and breathtaking experience in its class.


    I am a house wife and don't know much about fashion but after seeing your blog i am getting addicted to it :)

  9. Me & HP’s relation is from 4years ago. my laptop(HP Pavilion dv4-1318TU slno.-CND9271WTR) is one of essential part of my life. it helps me to my class work & creative work. it is very stylish, look very gorgeous, Creative, Amazing, Durable & affordable, it helps me in my workshop on art & crafts. And now i like the new HP ENVY Ultrabook. it is portable,amazing, looking nice, long battery backup,beats audio,truevision HD WEBCAM,hp protect smart,HD LED DISPLAY. And I want it to my own…………..

  10. Hp envy Ultrabook an awesome mixture of style with the technology..its a completely loaded with really cool features with really eye-catchy looks.. hp has really made its best piece of work and shown to the world that why it rules the world of laptops.. the gaming experience is copleptely amazing and it will maximize your madness about games.. the movies and music will make you feel like heaven.. the design, the comfort of using it, the experience of whatever you are on it like music, games, movies, chatting, web anything it wont let you go away... its a fully loaded gun and you are ready to shoot anything.. its a part of my life now..

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  12. Why will I only choose the HP Envy Ultrabook than any other available brand’s notebook in the market?
    Because of its following “ENVY” features.,
    E – Elegant
    Elegance factor which includes ultra thinness, toughness, responsiveness, mobility, ease of use, rapid smart technology, ProtectSmart hard-drive protection, rich built in audio & video functionality, long battery life and above all 1 Year On-site Warranty with Accidental Damage Protection shows that it’s up for anything.
    N – Networking Companion
    Staying connected 24*7, 365 days.
    V – Value for my Money
    Y – Will always remain Yours Forever
    Way to go HP Envy Ultrabook! That’s all I need.

  13. Someone rightly said that a great writer creates a character inside a reader’s mind without having to describe him or her. I mean, a lesser writer will write: ‘She was fat and heavy!’ A great writer will tell you about an incident and the image that you will have will be of one who is fat and heavy! This post follows the tactics of the ‘great writer’… for, it tells us a lot about the HP Envy without using direct images!

    The post is like a sublime gazal because of the pictures and a text that is so pastel-perfect in its tone! I loved the post… and more than anything else, just fell in love with the HP Envy.

    This post and this machine is so much like the language of love ‘spoken with a look, a touch, a sigh, a kiss and sometimes a word.’

    Arvind Passey

  14. It’s almost impossible to find beauty and brains together in something or someone but we still search for it, hoping that someday we will find what we are looking for.

    I walked into an electronics store recently as I wanted to take a look at the laptops over there. One look at the HP Envy and I knew I had found what I was looking for. Every laptop I saw after the Envy seemed like a mistake… old-fashioned and disappointing. It was truly a beauty with brains, it was a beauty and a beast (Performance-wise) and I yearned for it.

  15. I Want it, more than anyone has ever wanted anything. I Crave it, like a soldier in a desert craves for water. I Love it, like a new mother loves her new born. I Need it, like we all need food to survive.
    It’s beautiful and it’s practical, it’s the perfect combination. If I get one, I will take care of it like it has life in it. I will protect and cherish it. It’s more than just a style statement, it’s a trend-setter…

  16. HP...only name is enough for a person to know about the product.HP does not only stand for hewlett packard but also for honesty and policy.Envy book is example to other competitor in market and eg of HP technology and innovation.its like u asked it we make in hp everything is possible...!!!!!!

  17. Words like lovely, gorgeous and stylish do nothing to pronounce, without a shadow of a qualm HP ENVY ULTRABOOK is the coolest notebook computer ever. It’s that simple. This is the kind of artifact that just stops people in their trajectories when they see it. Pull HP ENVY ULTRABOOK out of your bag in any lounge and your fellow passengers will turn green with envy and unspeakably hide their own big and heavy notebooks. The points at which you interact with HP ENVY ULTRABOOK are paramount to a prolific relationship with the device, since every time if it left unattended in the show room, someone couldn’t help picking it up and fondling it.

  18. its time to say bye bye to our old bulky unattractive laptops.i am ready to switch to a new look with all new hp envy.i can take off my hand from smooth skin but i cant take off my hands from hp envy coz its irressitible.sleek ,elegant,stylish,dashing whatever be the name we call it i am sure all are gonna loves this laptop.i had no idea its so addictive.i am gonna bet every one you will have a hard time choosing just one.i envy HP ENVY

  19. Sleek and smooth, you look so gorgeous
    With super fast memory and delivery time, you are pious
    Hear you speak, your voice is great
    And you are a promising work mate
    Carrying you around is never been so easy
    After those weight loss you underwent briefly
    An amazing power boost you mount
    Cuddling you all my way, I flaunt
    Having you in my life, I’m blessed
    On all my roles, you are my chief guest (winks)
    Adding more beauty to the beauty me
    I’m sure to make envy those eyes that see

  20. My computer should'nt be too heavy and ugly,I'll be happy if its performs post is also a lot biased as i would like to make everyone envy me for far more than 2 weeks.The rapid start feature and the beats audio are enough reason for this student to buy it,apart from it's stunning impossibly thin body,but its costs little more than a year of college so i perfer if you just give me one free,atleast then i can record the lecture for whole class can decode it later.
    -- akil udayakumar ,

  21. Being a professional girl and a five footer carrying laptops has always been a tedious work and carrying that heavy laptop bag just pissed me as it was noway close to accessories a girl would love to carry , so buying a ultrabook was the solution , so bought HP ENVY ULTRABOOK my wisest purchase so far i think not only its ultra light but also its sleek and funky looks makes it an important accessories for me and envy of others and easily fits in my hand bag but i like to flaunt it in my hand and other features being HP brand which one can trust with close eyes makes me proud and feel like a celebrity of sorts all laptop owners feel envious of my possession :-) !!

  22. When technology meets class.

    The all new HP Envy Ultrabook(or should I call it sleekbook?) has left me starry eyed since it’s advertisement days and seeing it up-close here, has very much confirmed that it’s not just hogging all the lime-light for nothing.

    It’s fast. It’s lightweight. It’s fashionable.

    Best of three worlds in one laptop.

    Who needs accessories? Complete your trendy up-to-the-minute look with this swanky chic-looking recent member of the HP family.

    Choose stlle. Choose ENVY.

    Name: Surbhi Dhawan

  23. The HP “Envy” Ultrabook I’m sure would prove only half of an old ad tagline true. Heard of “Neighbor’s Envy Owner’s Pride”. Well it’s definitely “Owner’s Pride” but it’ll be “Everyone’s (including friends and family) Envy.

  24. New HP Envy Ultrabook !!!

    Anybody looking for a “Success Mantra” that provides all the necessary qualities that an “Object of Affection” must carry within itself, this Unique Ultrabook has it all – Stylish, Efficient, Encouraging, Robust and Ultra Modern.

    From the day I saw it I’ve not recovered from its Charm, the Swift & Dynamic experience I enjoyed while checking it out has left me longing for more & more and I cannot wait further to make it my “Companion for Lifetime.”

    Whatever is in my future is still unknown, however my life will not be complete if I don’t possess this true “Jewel” of Technology & Perfection.

    Alas ! Till that day…

  25. 'Envy' - best defined as a resentful emotion that "occurs when a person lacks another's superior quality, achievement or possession and wishes that the other lacked it."

    HP's aptly named new ultrabook does just that! Makes other laptops turn into the green-eyed monster. Now I am not one to buy into gimmickry or the sight of a not so ultra thin actress promoting a ultra thin notebook (in colours like pink and VAIOlet)

    I want functionality, portability and a sharp look! The HP Envy is all that and then some! With power that makes other notebooks crawl back to their mother(board) and looks that put Natalie Portman to shame.

  26. Made in One Car Garage is Now the Worlds No. 1 Envy, Go Grab your New Style Icon "hp" and Rock the World <3.

  27. "Beauty Envy when most unclothed is clothed best". As Some people let their beauty show, because they want the world to see it. Others hide their beauty because they want the world to see something more.

  28. Sexy design
    Sounds great
    Very affordable
    Light and portable
    Bright screen.......looking forward to it....

    Shivam Agarwal

  29. The time i spend with the HP ultrabook is like the Draupadi's saree, never ending.
    I tap my fingers on it while contemplating upon my contemplation.
    It makes me feel romantic with an SRK song, the sound is stupendous!
    It's clumsy savvy for people like me who keep dropping things-it never leaves me.
    I am having a torrid love affair with my Notebook, it's corny.
    I love the Envy eyes watching us together!
    It's so much like me-ritzy and sassy

  30. This is a sheer beauty and as a Man my basic instinct is to appreciate the beauty .Ahaan! do i need to say more?

    HP ENVY Ultrabook is the new definition for fashion and show off If you don’t have you are old fashioned I would flaunt it at my office,parties,blogging conference , at my MBA classes& make everyone jealous.I would like to use matching Ultrabook to my luggage.
    It is like a supermodel who is slim, sexy, hot,beautiful,exotic and bold .Along With wardrobe boys needs fashionable gadgets as well, with HP Envy Ultrabook YOU don’t need other things to add in for getting known as Mr. Fashionable. And hey Girls love fashionable men Don’t they ?

    Kumar Gaurav

  31. Envy is traditionally believed to be one of the seven deadly sins.
    But if this is how gorgeous sin looks, I cannot wait to commit it and spend an eternity in unadulterated happiness.
    Cheers to one hell of a delectable and sinful laptop.
    Srishti GuptaRoy

  32. If you think,You know the meaning of words SLEEK, SMART, SLIM, STYLISH, SEXY, SPECIAL..

    Then hang on "HP ENVY" has just "REDEFINED THE MEANINGS".

    -Ajay kushwaha(

  33. I used to be fat & ugly. People used to call be Laptop. One day my friend "FASHION" told be about ULTRABOOK. Within a month I became slim & beautiful. Now I am very happy, as I get lot of attentions everywhere I go. Now people call me Ultra Book. But people started to feel jealous about me. So, my father changed my name to "ENVY".


    Warm regards,


  34. The name 'envy' says it all. The new hp envy ultrabook is not only a super sleek, sexy and feature packed laptop, but it also has the ability to make everyone go red with 'envy'. it can instantly add 'oomph' to the dullest of outfits and can be used as a statement accessory when there's none. The fact that its light and portable just adds to the charm of this perfectly stylish complement to every fashionista's closet! I know just the right laptop case to carry it along with me wherever I go. Aah, hp envy will make life a lot easier!" -

    shruti pangtey,

  35. HP means Highly Powerful and that’s what every laptop wants to be. ENVY means that it envies all others when it comes to power, style, performance and ultra-portability.

  36. HP Envy Ultrabook is amazing laptop it have ultra slim body and awesome performance carry bag designed by you is very beautiful and attractive I am a gamer and i used to carry heavy laptop but it have every thing long battery life, powerful processor, and amazing graphics
    it is different from traditional laptops
    sach main ye ultra performance hai
    when i saw ultrabook i said.
    i am just waiting for it. :-)

  37. I personally have an HP DV6TQE laptop which was infact an affordable gaming laptop under 60K. It blew out other laptops away in same price range when it came to gaming. I also wish to have ENVY for portability purposes although one I have is more portable than an Inspiron yet performance wise much superior. Specifications these ultrabooks specially the processor and GPU, others are no match for them when it comes to performance/price ratio. My relation with HP has been for 6 years and I am writing this comment from my HP Pentium 4 desktop which still runs perfectly.

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  39. Everyone needs hp ultrabook,
    whether he is engineer or he is cook
    design of envy can make anyone mad,
    who dont become mad i am sure he will be sad
    sleek look of it can make you fall in love,
    You may forget about other works
    If you want hp envy then go and sign your checks before it tooo late

  40. HP - A brand you would love to get your hands on. And now, when you witness a machine which has just got rid from obesity leaves us with an urge to possess this piece of technology. Humans strive really hard to cut down on their calorie consumption. Guess, this machine will make them envy and might be a reason for their inspiration.;) SLIM is definitely IN and it results in beauty with performance!

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  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. once there were a meeting between laptops all fat and ugly laptops were there but due to some work ulra book was late
    in meeting there were a laptops it was beautiful but not nubile everybody was watching that but suddenly hp ultrabook arrived everybody was seeing it with open mouth and saying what a figure what a sleek design in that meeting hp ultrabook sang his poem

    Everyone needs hp ultrabook,
    whether he is engineer or he is cook
    design of envy can make anyone mad,
    who dont become mad i am sure he will be sad
    sleek look of it can make you fall in love,
    You may forget about other works
    If you want hp envy then go and sign your checks before it tooo late

    everybody shocked

  44. I am a Web Designer working in Bangalore, even i don't have laptop till now. But i was planning to buy one good laptop 2 months back, that time i didn't know which brand is better. My friends suggest so many brands, i got confused. One day i saw the hoarding of HP Envy Ultrabook ad in streets, i was wondering for that sleek design, i went to the office to send the quote in HP website. I got reply and im going to purchase HP Envy Ultrabook with my savings EPF amount. Now HP Envy Ultrabook decorates my desktop wallpaper.

  45. HP Ultrabook is my place at the top as it gives me an identity of being a person with style, ardor and originality.
    With this threesome awesome combination from this ingeneious personification of creativity, it gives me the strength and right to be at the top.
    When I have HP Ultrabook with me, I deserve the best!

    1. My Details:
      Name: Mansa RK
      Email id:

  46. I don’t need a girlfriend now my HP Envy Ultrabook has all the qualities I desire in her – Hot , Stylish , Faishonable ,
    slim , intelligent like me . I see my soul in it . It’s like God(HP) has it made for me . After seeing it I can’t sleep properly , I can’t eat properly , I think story of another Laila – Majnu , Heer – Ranja … i.e. me and HP envy is soon going to be written in HP font on HP cloud .

    Oh Lord HP … I beg of you .. give me my love or I will die. We are made for each other .

  47. It's fascinating to see gadgets and girlfriends (obviously others') making people envy. And just when we pass the thought that 'i have seen the best', comes the better. So at times, we had these amazing females and luck favoured the luckiest. And for the rest, there were gadgets.
    Life was much tougher since people cared for wives(again others') and not for gadgets. And then..
    Thank god! Atlast I can say with pride : "I envy"
    Wait, did I say Envy? Well, I was supposed to.

  48. Kudos to HP! If one has to define the words like ravishing, exquisite, magnificent, marvellous, extravagant and profligate, then he/she is just a step away to see the HP ENVY 4 Ultrabook! It is indeed an eyebrow-raiser! The marathon battery and razor-thin features add fragrance to beauty! The boyz have got a stunning chic! The new revolution has started, called as HPism! This is the bandwagon of happiness. The enchanting looks and Beast Audio just take a breath away! Finally, the photogenic show-stopper has arrived! Time for other notebooks for feeling the low self-esteem!

  49. dude... THAT is a nice laptop case!!! O_O

  50. Hi! I’ve just discovered your lovely blog!
    that laptop bag is super stylish! and love the cuff!!!!
    You have a great sense of style, would love you to take a look at mine and let me know what you think ;)
    Kisses from Spain,

  51. envy for those who dont have dis ultra note book

  52. Its like this contest was made for me. Im going on an extensive east coast trip to Australia with my sister at the end of october and i really need a super light and long lasting laptop. For all the times when charging sources just wont be available and to help me out with the weight issues since we are going to backpacking across the coast! My current laptop is oh so bulky and not cool at all. MUST HAVE this!

  53. Love to see gadget case like this that is so stylish. I'm a bit o/c about my things most especially on gadgets so I usually have a case to go with them.