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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gold rush

[vintage skirt and top, lipsy shoes, forever new ring, belt from the geisha pearl]

Who would have thought that I would get time off to go out and have some girly fun in this sultry weather. Four papers down and three more to go, my exams have got me chained to my study table [oh how I wish that were actually true] although I'm always desperately looking for inspiration online every once in a while. With most of my clothes packed away in suitcases, my dress-up games have come to a stand still; more like I'm stuck in a wardrobe limbo of some sorts.

You must have noticed that I've been adorning my body with a lot of gold [plated] jewellery. Somehow they seem to have that warm tone that complements my rather dusky skin. And you can't miss that pretty blue parasol that I got from ASOS last year that's been saving my face from all kinds of sunburns, teamed up with a good sunblock lotion, of course. A little mishandling resulted in one of its ribs to break. Poor thing. I really should have taken care of it, my new found love. Ha. It's funny how we profess our love for inanimate objects at a drop of a hat, but find it so difficult to do the same for people. We can be so amusing, us humans.

P.s. the winner of the OASAP giveaway is Fatima. Yay! 


  1. I love the entire outfit
    so well it's put together

  2. What a chic look! This is gorgeous!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  3. I love your outfit!

  4. So pretty Ims, your skirt is gorgeous. And I'm loving the umbrella. :D

  5. That parasol is almost as pretty as you <3


  6. LOVE YOUR STYLE! Big fan!

  7. My eyes just come to a halt every time they see anything dotty. that polka dot dress looks to vintage-y. love it!
    nice blog, I'm glad i stumbled upon it.