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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ankle Cuffs and Retrospect

I have a high propensity towards gold jewelry, like many of you, and I tend to over indulge in it a little bit. I never really had a thing for accessories till about a few months ago though. If you've been reading my blog since I started blogging, or scrolled down to my older posts, you'll find that I seem to contradict myself with each post much without my notice. Most of it, I would owe to my fluctuating tastes and preferences, of course. I am a walking contradiction of the person I claimed I were in the past, although my values would probably remain the same. There was a really crisp quote along the same lines but I can't recall the exact phrases.

Also, gold [plated] ankle cuffs are mighty classy, don't you think? You can find these in OASAP.


  1. those cuffs are so chic..
    its such a pleasure following u..:)
    check my blog too..follow if u like
    xoxo sabbi
    pretty little things

  2. Heavenly shoes :)

  3. OhMyGosh! This is beautiful! The gold is such an amazing contrast to that black suede :)

  4. wow
    that is absolutely beautiful!
    I'll be trying that soon, thanks for the inspiration :)

    Much Love,

  5. totally love the gold cuff wid the shoes,, superlike!!