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Thursday, May 3, 2012


BOODWAH is a UK based online Etsy store that stocks unique pieces of vintage inspired high waist shorts and bikini sets that I happened to stumble upon one day (thank you, Google image search). Jayne Whitehead is the woman behind all their pretty designs and she also has her own boutique at ASOS Marketplace. You have to pay her store a visit if you're also a high waist trend fanatic. 

My current favourite piece from her store would be these lavender floral shorts. They're pretty reasonably priced so you might want to have a look. 

Here's yours truly in a pair of Boodwah shorts. The finishing is superb and I'm terribly fond of the material she's used for this particular pair; the glossy leather look is what I crave for in such garments.
P.s. you may excuse the upturned collar and the crushed shirt; it's all part of being really bad-ass. Or maybe not.

[boodwah shorts, thrifted top, ydeltuyt sunnies]


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  2. OMG You sexy thing.
    The shorts compliments your bod amazingly :)

  3. You the bomb girl. <3
    How amazing are those shorts!
    The red velvet ones make me happy cos I scored a similar pair a few weeks back. ;)

  4. *DYING*

    I wish you were in some other part of the world so you could strut out and walk the walk!