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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Smiles

[thrifted top, asos skirt, mng bag]

Somebody has definitely turned up the heat here in Delhi and I have to reluctantly pack away my tights and denims before I settle down to prepare for my annuals. Thoughts about moving to a new city gets me all excited, but it doesn't take long before it's dampened by the reality of actually MOVING my things. Flustered and moody. Yeah. That's how I see myself in June, amidst all the packing, shifting and my exams. I shall try not to get into the non-blogging phase again, which I often find myself in.

I hope you're all drinking enough water and treating your skin gently! Summer usually calls for more acne and breakouts so I'm being very careful with my skin too. Also, some of you have been asking questions under anonymous profiles so I don't know how to get back to you. In case you'd like to ask me anything, you can either contact me via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Formspring

Till then, stay safe.


  1. beautiful outfit!love the shirt and your neon nail polish.

  2. seriously!! what do u have on ur nails!

  3. You look great, i LOVE your nails! :D

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