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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


[asos dress & cuff, zara sunnies & shoes, charles & keith bag, romwe necklace]

I happened to come across a picture of Olivia Palermo in these gorgeous Zara sandals and I knew I had to have them. It was already sold out in Zara by then but that didn't stop me! Ebay came to my rescue, of course. I found a pair in my size for a decent price so I snagged it in a jiffy. My best buy on Ebay till date. You've got to give me some credit for my persistence when it comes to purchases like this one.

Moving on to other things, I've been procrastinating and spending way too much time playing games on my iPod. Fruit Ninja, Tiny Wings, and recently downloaded Temple Run are some of my favourites. Also, you have to try The Moron Test. That's like the cutest, most annoying game ever! I enjoy competition, so if you're on Game Centre and would like to compare high scores, leave your email address in a comment below and I'll send you a request or vice versa ( There's nothing like the feeling you get when you beat your friends' high scores (or get beaten). Like a boss.

Also, I'm going to be moving to a different city by the end of June for further studies, so I've got tonnes of clothes and shoes to sell/giveaway. I'll probably just sell off some of my shoes and giveaway my old clothes to charity, and store the rest of them at a friend's place. Stay tuned, if you're interested in some cheap bargains.


  1. you look amazing with that dress and shoe.
    looking forward to what you have to sell :)

  2. The outfit is so omfg-hot.
    And i can so totally relate to that persistence. Looking at those shoes, let me tell you, it was completely worth it!
    I've been playing temple run all the friggin time! Its a crazy addiction. Add me :

  3. do you sell too? :))

  4. You looked absolutely stunning that day, and I'm still admiring your lean and slender physique- compliments the dress perfectly! <3

  5. oh my! u look soo good! where the hell were you going!!?? :P

  6. Love this post^^ You have such a great blog!

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    I have a giveaway on my blog and I'd love you to join if you haven't already <3

  7. Whats the shade of your hair color and brand?

  8.! I LOVE the sunnies and everything else! <3