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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Art Of The Trench

[picture 2, 3 courtesy of Rinchen, 1, & 4, courtesy of the Cat]

You must have already heard about the Burberry's Art of the Trench campaign from Manou, Lesly, Arushi, or elsewhere, but I'll just fill you in with the same in brief.

Last year, Burberry selected Manou of Wearabout to shoot for the project in India. A varied bunch of celebrities, editors, models, and some bloggers were shot, amongst whom were Arushi, Lesly, and myself. After the project was over, we were invited to launch the exhibition of the photos in February this year. 

Amidst giant ipad-like screens, champagne, and delicious chocolate brownies, we were pretty much lost in our own world of fascination for the whole feel of the event. Seeing some renowned figures in the fashion industry and interacting with the Burberry team was the highlight of the evening, apart from the occasional sigh at the beautiful shoes worn by the guests. 


  1. You look great in your photo! Really like the outfit you wore to the event too. This looks like such a cool opportunity. Extremely jealous of anyone who owns a Burberry day! x

  2. You look amazing!

  3. You looked amazing. Love your hair and that blouse!

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