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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

[Dolce Vita Jemma, Shoemint Pauline, Converse Chuck Taylor]

I've got plenty of outfit ideas that I'm really excited to try, so I hope I don't disappoint my readers by going into hibernation again this year. Just thought I'd show you some of my new [and old] kicks.

The Dolce Vita Jemma is my all time favourite, with the chunky heels and the wine coloured suede outer. I'm exceptionally happy about this purchase, as well as the Shoemint Pauline that I got for just about $2 during it's initial promotion launch. The only problem with the Pauline is that they seem to rub against my ankle and it hurts a little bit. I'll surely find a way around wearing them though.

Lastly, I have my Chucks that I've been wearing  to college almost everyday, mostly because I don't get time to take my boots out of their boxes [I like to keep my shoes in boxes].

Anyway I'm hoping for a fruitful 2012 and wish the same for you too.


  1. love the first one!
    kisses from Spain,

  2. Pauline for $2? OMFG! How awesome is that?
    I love the Jemmas!

  3. Oooh! Love the black one!! SO HOT!

  4. Amazing! I love the black booties! <3


  5. awwwwww these red boots!!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. OOH-The black boots are very LadyGaGa! I love! :D

  7. Those boots look amazing..but when it comes to comfort I always go back to my converse high tops.Amazing shoes though!! :)

  8. The first shoes are SOO gorgeous!

    P.S.: I invite you over to my blog, it is quite new (just over a month) but I think you'll like it! I thank you already. Love, Mariana