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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Bling

[sweater - mom's, tights & belt - local store, top & hat - asos, bag - hidesign, shoes - jeffrey campbell, necklace - romwe]

These 6-inch monsters [the ultimate weapon, as my friends like to call them], are probably one of the most treasured shoes in my closet. Don't be fooled by its appearance. They are comfortable beyond imagination, and they bring the right amount of bling to your outfit. Without these, my grey ensemble would have been drab and boring [with my everyday loafers]. 

Edge of Urge had a really cool promotion going on their website and I didn't even think twice before engaging myself in it. I had a pretty tough time deciding which pair I would get though. They have some pretty outrageous designs by Jeffrey Campbell in their store so you might want to visit them here. They also provide free gift-wrap on all orders. I don't have a picture of it, but I was extremely delighted with their packaging. It's online stores like this, with great customer care teams that makes me want to remain loyal and continue to shop from them.

I seem to be wearing a lot of my mom's clothes lately. We're not even the same size but I have this thing for oversized clothing so it all works out. Also, I've been indulging in much more gold jewellery and for a person like me, who doesn't really do much accessory shopping, it's smarter to invest in a few pieces that can be worn with almost everything.

Yup. That's about it for this post. I shall be back with another one soon.

P.s. I've added a little colour to my blog header so now it looks more feminine. Yay or nay?


  1. Woah! Look at those shoes!! O_O Amazing!

  2. Wow! The JC's look incredible and scary I must add! Great going though!


  3. Love the look - head-to-toe! Also loving the header!!! :)

    ♡ from ©

  4. My pretty pretty friend, the Forget looks SO good. I'm coming again to feast my eyes on all the new shoes you have. :P
    See you in college. <3

  5. Did my comment disappear? :O
    I love the FORGET on you!
    And I need to see your pretty face soooooon. Also your pretty new shoes. ;)

  6. Love this! Thank you so much! and I LOVE THE HEADER!!

  7. Omg!!! those shoes are beyond bling!! And the header is amazing!!! <333

  8. amazing outfit. I love your shoes!

  9. daaaayum! love the shoes! i totally understand that they are comfy...just like the danys. they really add the right abount of oomph to your outfit. i'm loving gold accessories, too.

    girl, i have tons o W24 jeans...mostly all! check out my marketplace and see which ones you like. here's a few:


  10. i love everything here!! all of them works perfectly together. and your shoes are just UHWESOME, killer it is. you look very stunning dear. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

  11. love the changes in ur blog lady,
    keep doing ur thing, style blogging.

  12. Holy crap! Those shoes are sickkk.