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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm thinking of getting a digital perm sometime soon but I'm still a little hesitant because it may go terribly wrong for some and perfectly all right for others. Digital perm is a pretty upcoming technology which originated from Japan, and it's sometimes called 'the Japanese perm'. They're apparently less damaging to the hair as the temperature of the rollers can be controlled and conditioned to create whatever texture a client desires. It sounds pretty convincing doesn't it?

I've thought about temporary ones using my curling rod but my hair is pretty stubborn when it comes to retaining curls, even with good hair products. So there lies my dilemma.

Hopefully I come up with a decision soon. Have you ever got one yourself, or know anybody who's got one? I'd love some reviews. And preferably from salons in Delhi.


  1. love d scarf and the tshrt!! :)

  2. The bottom-right-corner pic = LOVEEEE! And of course the hat is -AH!MAZING :)

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  3. I like the play of red, black and mustard. :)