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Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's a funny world

[tailored maxi dress, vintage bag, Converse shoes, thrifted outer]

I don't do sporty, but I think the comfort that comes with Chuck Taylors paired with a backpack is slowly growing on me. I picked up this mini backpack at a vintage store back home and I was super excited about it, probably because it was the first 'good' secondhand bag I had found. Plus it has enough space to carry my camera. Double score!

I've also decided on which pair to get from Solestruck as my prize for the Photobooth contest. Yes, it's the Jeffrey Campbell Tardy in red! My sister says it's ugly, but I'm still [blindly] in love with them. To hell with everything else. I'm on a private mission to collect boots for this fall/winter. So far so good! Yes?

Boy, do I sound overly materialistic in all my posts? I think I do. I'm just very passionate about shoes. And obsessive too. However, there's more to me than just some serious shoe lovin'. Care to read a little bit more about me? I've summarized a part of myself in bits and pieces below, if you're interested.

  • I like to sing and make recordings
  • I love dogs and anything cuddly
  • I watch everything on Star World when I'm bored
  • I like to return favours
  • I always work behind the scenes
  • I'm a mountain climber [metaphorically]
  • I don't like negativity but I'm a pessimist because of how careful I like to be
  • I find it easier to express myself in words 
  • I cry during movies
  • I am genuinely nice [bragging]
With this, I rest my pen [fingers?] for today.


  1. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSSSSSS! You look incredibly purrty! Chucks + maxi anyday! :D

    Oh, and btw, snap! That was my outfit to college around 4 days ago ;)

  2. And yes, I know for sure, that you are genuinely nice <3

  3. Love the maxi..gorgeous! and the vintage bag <3 <3 <3

  4. LOVE that bag. It's the perfect shape, size, and color.

    Good choice on the JC boots. You're gonna look fantastic in them!

    Style Soufflé

  5. You are GORGEOUS! Love these pictures ... you look very different from your usual outfit posts!!!

    I too express myself better in words. Good to know more about you and YES! You are genuinely nice! :)

    ♡ from ©

  6. maxis + converse is a fabulous combination! it's like my weekend uniform! you look very pretty in the eyeliner (right??)!


  7. very fresh and yeay for the chucks! looks like you could climb any mountain (literally too..;)

  8. look sooo damn pretty imsu...
    and i love the color of the maxi...
    love the way uv teamed it up with converse:)

  9. Helloooo Pretty. :)

    Chucks + Secondhand FTW!


  10. I like the different look. And you look rad!

  11. What a lovely blog! Really like your style (visual and writing :) ). Beautiful outfit, great vintage find (I'm hoping to find something similar and the sooner the better) and I don't think those JC's are ugly at all. They are unexpected and fun.
    Oh and I also like the fact that you love dogs.
    So... to sum up - will be following you now to stay in touch. If you feel like following me back, it would be wonderful.

  12. i love the combination of the maxi with the converse shoes..

  13. You look so preeetttyyyy..I love how real this look is, my favourite post of yours for suure

  14. Girl! you look stunning! So pretty! and need I say i love EVERYTHING about this outfit :)

  15. You look STUNNING!!! so so so pretty!! You should wear your hair like this more often, gorgeous! <3

  16. loving how you wore converse with this! so cute :)

  17. You know I hardly comment in your blog. Reason is, I'm lazy. But I do follow your blog whenever I have free time. Imsu dear, I give a full head-nod to the last point you wrote about yourself: "I am genuinely nice". I'd give that point a hard-core headbang if I wasn't prone to motion sickness! :)
    Anyway, you are all of the other points too...and much more! You're nice. Much too nice. God bless your beautiful heart! And do keep writing. I love the way you express your thoughts.
    See you soon!

  18. lovely dress you have! i love especially the aqua color of it!

    The Indie Chase Blog