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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I went to get an x-ray to this clinic in Connaught Place, and this may sound silly but I was really fascinated by all those x-ray machines. They made me wear this really heavy coat sort of thing to prevent harmful radiation while they x-rayed my jaws. It was really cool! Technology has indeed come a long way and there is still plenty of room for more growth and greater inventions.

Without it, we're left helpless and needy. Well, atleast it does for me, who thrives in it; I would be completely lost without my laptop and an internet connection. My old little laptop has failed me this time; the charger has gone caput, and till the time my new charger arrives, I shall be technologically handicapped. But I'm glad to mention, that thanks to my new Apple I-pod, I can continue blogging, even though it's not the same as viewing it from a 13 inch screen. May God bless Steve Jobs and Wozniak. So in their honour, I will post a pic of an Apple. :)

Anyway my beau accompanied me to the clinic and he took some random shots of me while we were walking. It was like shooting in stealth mode! That's my new Dooney and Bourke bag that I got off an auction on E-bay. I'd say I'm pretty much a 'D&B' fan. Totally love their vintage edition satchels.

[label-less jeans, pumps and coat, dooney and bourke bag, FCUK top, YSL glasses]

And also, I have to add that all the pictures in this post were edited using my iPod. Hence the small sizes. It took me quite some time to figure out a way to insert the images, but persistent me got the hang of it and this us the outcome of hours on lying on my left hip, 'listening' to FashionTV, and eating dried plums.

So tell me,
how much time do you spend on the computer/laptop?


  1. Too much for my own good. My eyes suffer:(

  2. Love that bag!!
    and I spend all day on a computer... XD Either at work or when I'm at home on my own ....haha

  3. Too much time, but as a blogger, I guess we don't have the choice!
    Btw I freaking love your bag.
    follow me I'll follow you back :)

  4. I love the photo-effect. And, that bag, is just PERFECTION!

  5. firstly..what?you can blog through an ipod...gosh i'm soo beyond the valley of hopeless...hehee..
    And god..lucky you... for that bag...i'm such a cheapass when it comes to bidding...thus hardly wins hehheeh..
    dried plums sounds eatilicious:)...btw its really hard to say the amount of time spent on the lp..urmm.....:/
    p.s-yes i'm havin my!!!

  6. I love your blog and your style.
    This is my blog
    Please take a look if you want and if you like it please follow and I will follow you back.

  7. i like their vintage bags, too! my roommate has one very similar to yours. and it's so true about technology. i love your scarf with that outfit!

  8. seems like shillong weather is faring better than dilli weather no doubt! we only take out the coats and jackets during evenings:) and did you hear about steve jobs dying? (jus coz we all depend on our apple gadgets!) the background in the second last pic (even the last one) is something!

  9. Love the style :) The pictures are stunning.

    and as for how much time on laptop..
    too much :(

  10. Cute look, Imsu! Also is JDV your beau? :P

  11. wow,love this picture!

  12. Great look! & Technology is crazy these days hehe!


  13. oh i love the look, such a nice vintage feel! trust me, I spend way too much time on the pc, all time in the net! :S
    Btw, the last picture in my last post actually is a castle! they also did quite a lot of films there (not harry potter though) ^^

  14. Gorgeoys bag! and I love the photo effect

    I spend A LOT of time on the computer. From blogging to school work, and my actual work.. its all i do!

    Miss Neira

  15. Wow, I really love the jacket and the bag! Perfectly styled outfit. And thank you for the comment! Your blog is wonderful. Keep in touch!


  16. i love your d&b satchel and you do not want to know how long i spend on my computer. it is an unfortunate statistic, since i blog & do so much of my uni homework on the computer..

    i should go and have a break away from the computer now! haha

  17. i love that bag!

    cute blog :)


  18. Thanks everyone. You guys really make me happy.

    And yes Oona, he is. ;)

  19. Great bag and I love the vintage touch of your photos! :)
    xoxo F

  20. lovely bag. i also really like the style of your photos, what do you take them with?

    Helen, X

  21. You look really cute and i love your bag:) Chic!

    ♥ Kisses ♥