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Friday, March 11, 2011

Plain lunch

No babbling today. I'm just posting some pics that I took before I went out to lunch. Nothing special, nothing flashy; I just wanted to eat some KFC hot wings. I hadn't heard about the earthquake and tsunami that had hit Japan then. After I got back, I heard about it and I was completely heart broken. I'm not much of a people-person but this sad news literally got me teary-eyed. My prayers are all out for those who suffered this tragedy caused by mother nature herself. I hope you keep them in your hearts as you fall asleep tonight. 

[Asos wedges, Thrifted cardigan, jeans, jewellery & top, Forever New sunnies]

I want to ask you guys; 
What is the ONE thing that you want to do before the world ends in 2012, [if it does]?


  1. Yeah, I didn't hear the news until lunch as well. Hope there won't be more victims...
    And since you asked: Japan is one of those countries I really want to see before I die. Basically if the world would end in 2012, I would pack my things and travel around the world. :)

  2. that is one of the coolest tops i've ever seen! love the sequins!

    if the world is going to end in 2012, i want to find my soul mate before then... haha that was a lame answer.


  3. Oh your outfit is great :) beautiful pictures :)

  4. i LOVE those boots! u have such chic style! :)

  5. Love the outfit! You look darn cute :) I would wanna travel the whole world. Starting tomorrow considering I have only 9 months left :P

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  6. Its so horrible what has happened. So many natural disasters are happening I really do believe the world will come to an end.

    First Cute outfit. What a great little top and loving those boots.

    I want to go see a concentration camp. Its always something I've wanted to see. Not in a morbid way, just to see what kind of hell happened. :(

  7. so cute! love the shoes

    and i know - so many awful things happening around the world. Reading the news is depressing! x

  8. I meant it when I said that I'm going to steal your shoeeeees :P

    When will you do the post on the Danys? :)

    Oh, and I'd spend my last days on earth with Erik <3

  9. Thanks, everyone. :)

    And Oona, I haven't been able to wear my Danys anywhere so hopefully the post will be up sooooooon! :D

  10. your shoes are gorgeous. :)
    just like yourself!

    omg, it's so sad what's happening in Japan right now. I'm actually not that involved most of the time, but this time... don't know... just so sad about the whole thing. D:

  11. Oh wow I love your shoes :)

    The Flower Girl

  12. I love your sequined top, and I'm very saddened by the news of Japan, it seems like we are just getting struck by one huge natural disaster after anther, and it just takes so long to recover from them. it's awful.

    Before the end of the world, I want to fall in love.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. your shoes are gorgeous! love the tan colour

  14. you look great for just being casual! loving the boots...i need to make use of mine!

  15. I love those wedges! :) I want :D
    And tell me about it, the news about Japan shocked me out of my wits too.
    I'd probably want to travel and see all my long lost friends and family all over the world too!

  16. finally got on your blog. was still following your old blog. until today when i clicke don it and it said 'doesn't exist'. so when i finally did get to this one, i ended reading al your old blogs right till whre you've changed to this one.

    i pray for japan.

    and what i wanna do before 2012?
    make as many people happy as i can :D

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  18. girl you have awesome style! and i love your hair! <3

  19. Looking great as usual Ims.. just thought I'll check your blog and finally here I am !
    I was also shocked by the destruction that had been caused. Don't worry our prayers are with them..

  20. You look very cute!
    As for the destruction in Japan I'm heartbroken, I don't even know what to say and I'm thinking about all the people that are suffering there, although I'm pretty sure that's not helping much!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  21. Love the purple look and your glitter tank is fab!!!
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  22. great outfit!! love your shoes and blouse!!

  23. loving your shearling boots from asos, good outfit all together xx


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  24. Pray for Japan. That's all we can do. :(

  25. Oh and I quite like that sequinned top and the shearling booties! :)

  26. Loving the shoes! Asos is awesome,its one of my favourites too!:)
    Thanks for the comment!

  27. You look fabulous even when going out for simple lunch :) and KFC rocks!!!
    those shoes are yummy!!!
    and, as for the one thing I'd wanna do before the world ends in 2012, is spend more time with my boyfriend :)

  28. Really cute shoes! And I love the pop of purple!