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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Way I See It

I'm still fighting the cold in Delhi, although the weather seems to be more generous with warmth and sunlight. College is still as hectic as ever, with multiple assignments and projects. And I'm still looking for the best possible closet to store my shoes and do justice to their existence.

Sometimes I feel I have nothing to wear because I spend 3/4th of my allowance on shoes. It's a sort of an obsession I can't get over. For me, the footwear defines the outfit. Add a pair of heels to a simple look of a pair of tight jeans and a T-shirt and you have yourself a sophisticated rockstar. It's just how it works for me.

What would be ideal would be a walk-in shoe closet but that would be asking for a suite in a 7-star hotel so I will stick to a more reasonable catch; a mini shoe closet to fit in all my lovelies.

[Mariah Carey's shoe closet]
Maybe not her shoes, but just the closet.
A little closer to reality

Where do you guys keep your shoes?


  1. You have the perfect fashion blogger's body!

  2. Everything about this look is perfect! From your hair down to your shoes, love it!

    The Flower Girl

  3. Great loafers! :)
    I keep half of my shoes outside in a shoe rack and the other half in bags and packets in the lowest rack of my closet! Thats what happens when you don't live at home :)

  4. I prefer the closer to reality shoe storage to be honest! Mariah Carey's looks too overwhelming and too much effort to keep so organised, especially because I usually try on a couple of pairs of shoes before I go out!
    I really love your necklace; it looks so delicate x

  5. Yes I agree that shoe closet is heaven but I doubt I would ever accumulate enough shoes in my lifetime to fill up even half the storage area! I keep my shoes in a lot of random places, not ready to invest in a good shoe rack yet.

  6. so glad to find another shoeaholic!!!!
    am such a shoe obsessive person and my family, most of all my husband despair continuously over the shoe buying!!
    i keep my shoes very neatly stacked in the shoe boxes, which come with them while buying and i stack them over various cupboards all over the house...and slowly and slowly, im emptying more of my cupboards to make way for my shoes....and hubby says if this goes on...we might have to live in the terrace while my shoes take up rest of the house one day!!!
    coming to ur blog via..rukman's

  7. I'm obsessed with shoes too...I spend most of my money on them and very often i tend to overspend...
    Still, i don't own such a fancy shoe closet.I keep my shoes in boxes and shelves but not as cute as those:)

    ♥ kisses ♥

  8. Well the way I see it shoes are our best friends! And let us not forget our friendship with lovely cardigans too, such as yours :)


  9. OH.MY.GOD.
    Are those shoes Minnetonka? They are awesome.

  10. Imsu I have got the same loafers.. same color!
    hehe... and agree with you, I wish I could carry my entire wardrobe anywhere I go.. :( sadly, It is not possible. The problem with me is I keep my shoes in such a condition as if they are meant to be a showpiece and never to be worn. It is only a single pair that is outside the showcase(read shoe closet) which is worn mostly... I sometimes do not feel like opening them, just love them (a lil extra) so much! hehe


  11. love your top and loafers and omg... those shoe shelves make me want to die :( i keep my shoes in a row in my hall :) have a lovely day!


  12. really nice blog ;)

  13. That closet is to DIE FOR!
    (goes into dream land for a few minutes)
    Back. I'm loving your outfit Pithsala! so classy and chic and very effortless, the cardigan and loafers are just lovely!

  14. i had a similar obsession with jeans several years back...closet full of jeans and no tops!!! but it's true, shoes give a simple outfit, oomph!

  15. my ALL the shoes are out in d shoe rack most of d time..getting all dirty :\
    btw u live in delhi? me too!
    colg? me too! which colg r u in?

  16. Everything about this look is perfect! From your hair down to your shoes, love it!