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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Labels and Designer Brands

I never really understood why some people would always prefer branded clothes to clothes with no labels. I get it that quality plays a big role in promoting the well established brands but I wouldn't buy them just because they have a tag on them. Yes, there are brands that I'm loyal to and some brands that occasionally seem to find their way into my closet but I think there's a lot more to shopping than malls and retail outlets. I'm pretty sure everyone would have an idea of what I'm hinting at. Yup; Thrift stores, second hand shops, and blog shops have really good stuff and, you can get them for really good prices. Ebay is my favourite site for second hand goodies. 

Coming to designer brands, I don't think I'll ever own a pair of shoes for like $500 just because it comes with a designer brand. I mean, come on! We can get so many things for money of that amount! I'm writing from the perspective of an average girl, who would soon like to earn enough to afford everything that she wants to own. Of course, this wouldn't apply to people like Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey. 

I don't really know what conclusion I should come to regarding designer labels but I guess it's more of a personal choice, like everything is in life. If you're willing to spend the money, then go ahead! But for me, I wouldn't mind owning a nice designer bag [preferably vintage] and the rest of the money, I'd spend it on regular brands or label-less garments. They just need to look good when you wear them!

Going label-less,

And one more thing. I finally got my Jessica Simpson Dany!!! I'm super excited to wear them. I'm being greedy but I want them in grey as well. They're so comfortable.


  1. Love the shoes darlin!:)

  2. Oh my god!! I just love the shoes...
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  4. I agree about the label thing. Sure it would be nice to be able to say "oh these shoes are from..." wherever, but the majority of people out there would just compliment you on them, not ask where they're from, so why not just spend less on shoes that look similar if not the same but for way cheaper?! When I was younger, designer brands were so important in my school and now, no-one even cares anymore! x

  5. I love your blouse! you look great :)

  6. i buy what i LIKE, whether it's $7 or $300...meaning labels don't really matter to me. it's what looks good and feels good.

    cute top...and loving the shoes!!!

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  8. WOW! You look so so amazing!


  9. The SHOES- stunner! If I was in your place, even I would want all colours :)

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  12. those shoes! my gosh, they are amazing..x

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  14. Dying to get those shoes!! Love love it!

  15. The hair cut you sport is classy :) the shoes uff hotness :)

  16. I'm sooo agree on the unbranded clothes!! Also I looove your shoes!!! <3 Super gorgeous, dear!! :) Can't wait to see your outfit post with them.. ;) And tanks, you always leave such a sweet comment on my post.. :))

    hug and kiss kiss,

  17. Noooo way! I AM SO JEALOUS, IMSU! You got these babies! If you're going to get yourself a pair of Litas too, I'd just kill myself from all that jealousy! :P

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  21. luCky you! love those shoes xxxxx

  22. These shoes are incredible too! Love your blog banner as well!

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  23. Those shoes are amaazing! So happy you finally got them :) They look gorgeous on you!
    Love & Labels

  24. Amazing! Those shoes are gorgeous! :D