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Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy in Blue

As winter seems to slowly leave, I'm trying to make the most out of my jackets and sweaters. It usually happens to me that even although I do have quite a variety, I incessantly wear only a few of them, till they get too worn out to be worn again. I make it a point to keep a check on this, but I think because of the fact that I don't really like dressing up for college, I end up having to choose from the simplest of pieces. This is one of my 'bad habits' when it comes to picking my attire, especially during the winter.
Anyway, I'm just waiting for the sun to show up more often so that we can start wearing shorts and dresses. It's time to stock away the woolens to make space for cotton-wear. 

So here's my outfit for the day. Wore this when I went shopping with my dad. Funny how we were both wearing the same Rayban Wayfarers! 

[H&M, YSL, Thrifted]

Sometimes I forget to wear my contacts and go out wearing my glasses, not remembering that I need contacts to see when I wear my sunglasses. A mistake I tend to repeat occasionally. My mom is indeed right when she calls me absent-minded.

My 2nd question of the day would be,
do you have any wardrobe habits that you can't get rid of?


  1. Thanks for your comment, great blog! My habbit? Wearing tights with everything!:)

  2. That blue jacket is awesome! You look fabulous! I hate winter for the same reasons! Who wants to wear cute skirts or dresses in dreadful winter!

    I'm now following too!

  3. Great look, love the jacket and glasses! :)

  4. i ADIRE your jacket. So much : ) looks fab on you@

  5. Love the jacket! :) Its fab! :)

  6. Lovee love that jacket !

    Such an attention grabber !

  7. I just love your outfit <3

    check out my blog if you like :)

  8. i love the color of your jacket! the second picture is great!!

  9. I have the same glasses :)
    You look very chic! that jacket looks fab on you!
    My wardrobe a habit: I can't seem to throw any of my old clothes away! ever! yes..I'm a hoarder :P

  10. Oo... I like the outfit. Great look

  11. Ah digging your YSL glasses real bad. Thanx for the comment. Btw, Are you Nepali? sorry just asking..