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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Giveaway Winner Announced Early!

I haven't been able to take pictures of my outfits because I hardly get any sunlight in my new apartment! It's nice and cosy but not ideal for my outfit photoshoots. Plus I am not too comfortable taking pictures outdoors with people staring at me while I pose for the camera. Hence, I'm still figuring out a good location where I should take my pictures. 

Anyway, today I had gone out with a really good friend of mine, and we tried taking some photographs while we waded through the shops in the mall. She wouldn't let me take pictures of her so I ended up posing for all the photographs. Not too much of success there but I managed some (awful) shots.

Never mind the hair because I was having a really bad hair day.

Since I'll be away from the 12th till the 14th on a little trip with my friends, I am picking the winner of my ASOS giveaway a few days before the actual closing date. ASOS is also offering a 15% Discount which is valid till the 16th of February so the gift voucher should really come in handy. Just enter the code VIPSS11 at check out and it will be automatically applied. So here goes!

And the winner is MEGHA MEHTAB from CapturingFashionIndia!
I will be sending you an email so please get back to me within 24 hours or else I'll have to pick another winner.
Thanks to everybody whoever participated in this giveaway.



  1. I have similar problems with taking outfit shots ):

  2. I'm going to steal your shoes one day! :P

  3. Amazing style dear, you look gorgeous! <3

  4. thanks for following dear, means a lot!
    the diy is so simple, really does not need a tutorial^^
    but i will try my best and sketch one! ;)

  5. love the look from the colors to the stripes...and the bag is so cute. love the squarish shape.

  6. Thanks so much dear :)

    I am so happy!

    keep up the amazing work!
    will stick around :)


  7. Congrats to the winner! Your boots are so hot. I love them.

    Enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $55.00 gift code.

  8. I love your outfit,dear! the cardigan and the shoes are amazing <3

  9. oh god
    you are soo fashionable and your hair doesn't look disgusting at all.
    i hateee taking photos at the mall because it's soo awkward having people give you weird stares, but hey, i guess it's good to get used to it as you're gonna be doing it a lot hahaha
    perfect outfit, so chic, so you.

  10. The belt and bag- so cute!

  11. LOVE those wedge boots! So bohemian & sassy! Just found your blog off another fashion site!

    Followed you, follow me back? :)


  12. You look so cute! Love those booties!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  13. gorgeous outfit! love the shoes and your glasses are adorable :) you have a lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other if you like! happy valentine's day!

    love, M

  14. Your outfit looks super the belt and comes together nicely..cute blog! I will follow you..hope you can follow me too if you want...happy valentines day! XO

    Lisa from Sweeties

  15. I love this! Your glasses are sweet!

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  17. I am too new and too shy to post my snaps :) so as of now i put up pictures of the apparel only :)
    your shoes are something :)

    ** there was a typo in my earlier blog