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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shoe Crush!

Throughout my entire mid-term exams, I had been lusting over a few pair of shoes that I would Google/Ebay EVERY DAY! No wonder I had the most pathetic set of exams ever. I might just fail Business Math, but then again, I think my teacher might just pass me. 

Usually, I would have had a million shoes on my 'shopping list' but this time, I sieved through my list and came up with the most exotic ones from the list (most expensive, rather) and I've decided to obtain them gradually, over this promising year, 2011. Good luck to my Mom and Dad. 

I'll be listing them in random order because I don't know which ones I'll be getting first.

1. The Jessica Simpson Dany

Just observe these beauties. The platforms look kinda scary but from what I've heard, they're surprisingly easy to walk in. They sold like hot lava cakes when they were first launched in the Jessica Simpson Fall 2010 Collection. Sellers on Ebay priced them at $150-200 after they were sold out, just because they were on high demand. Just imagine! I hope they didn't get the money because these were being sold for less than a 100 U.S. Dollars at and they were soon to be restocked online. Sad thing was, and still is, that the site doesn't deliver overseas! I looked everywhere for these babies but only Ebay had them, sky-rocketing the prices. Hence, I waited. 
After they were restocked online, the prices leveled down and I've finally ordered a pair of the DANY for myself in Tan. I'm super excited. They also have new editions of these in Velvet Purple, Pewter and Grey Snake Skin. I'm also eying the Snake-skin pair, just in case I find them online somewhere. 

2. Forever 21 Miu Miu Inspired Platforms

Maybe I'm a season too late because these ones are sold out on but I'm still pursuing them. Never the one to give up, I'll find a pair that fits me on Ebay or some other online store and get my hands on them. They were up for grabs in August last year and if I'm not mistaken, they too sold out quickly enough owing to the price being only $25.80. During that time, we didn't even have a Forever21 store in India. Poor me. 
These Mary Janes have been directly inspired from Miu Miu's Platforms, with the chunky heels. Lovely, aren't they?

These are the originals from Miu Miu.
The knock-offs by Forever21
3. Jeffrey Campbell Lita

You see them on almost every fashion blogger on, and Chictopia but maybe that's why they're so sought after. Jeffrey Campbell's Litas have a class of their own. The platforms and the heels. Just love. 

Bonus: Miu Miu Crystal Embellished Swallow Mary Janes

These Miu Mius are just a part of my crazy shoe fantasy. I wouldn't want them in pink but those beige ones are just fine. They're way out of my budget and hence, not in my immediate spending memo. However, I found replicas of these online, and I was wondering if it was worth buying the duplicate pair. I wouldn't want to wear fake products but somehow, I got really very tempted. What do you think about wearing/buying inauthentic products?

Fake or Nothing?


  1. i love the danys...just purchased my second pair since they were on sale. still no luck with the black ones, though!! i'd never carry fake bags. but is there a difference between fakes and knock offs?? many (affordable) retailers produce knock offs or "designer inspired" which i think are fun.

  2. oh that dany shoes look nice! always been in love with jeffrey campbells.. (:

  3. This is such a lovely and inspirational shoe post!I've almost read from some of my favorite blogger who bought this dany that it's really comfortable to.hope to hear from your feedback when you tried it. Like you I also kind of depressed that jessica simpson don't ship worldwide. but in time for your positive feedback/review regarding this I might order as well thru amazon or endless.

    Oh and thanks for dropping by.You have such a lovely blog and great concept. I'll come back more often.:)

  4. Yayyy! So much prettiness all in one place. I love, LOVE those Miu Mius and the Forever21 shoes are such a close match. Perfection.
    xo Josie

  5. hmmmm im normally really against fakes, but the f21's did make me cave a little :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  6. nice blog!thank you for the comment!

  7. GOD. :O

    We really are related aren't we!!!
    Half the shoes on your list? I have to have them too! :D ... haha ... and by the time I reach where you are, I think we will have a similar one. :D .. haha ...


  8. absolutely love the miumius!! i'm craving for a pair...


  9. Miu Miu shoes are a must! i really adore mine!
    great post!

  10. Very interesting points you make in this post.

    On the subject of fakes, generally I'm against them, but not items that are inspired by the style. For instance, I wouldn't wear a counterfeit item, but I think those shoes are okay because they aren't trying to be passed off as the exact Miu Miu product. You could say they're a ripoff in style but not blatant theft (a duplicate).

    On waiting for the price to come down on eBay--This can be tough when you really want something and there only seems to be one place to get it. But if there's one thing I hate it's when greedy people buy up stuff in stores only to jack up the prices on eBay above retail. Maybe it's just business to them, but I think it's sleazy. I have on occasion e-mailed those people to call them out, like: By the way, this costs less in stores. You appear to have overpriced this.

    Also--great picks for shoes. I think the Jessica Simpson Danys are my favorites in metallic and snakeskin as well as the Jeffrey Campbells. They definitely have been everywhere already (or at least on every other blogger's feet) but that, as you pointed out, is only because they're so darn cute. I like the witchy vibe of the boots in black leather.

  11. I also like the kitty shoes. Purrrr.

  12. love love love, i wouldn't mind having all those shoes in my closet!

    xoxo :)

  13. Dany + Lita are my absolute favorites!!! I love them and want to own them!!

    Thank you btw for your nice comment!
    I'm following you now - maybe you wanna follow back!

  14. hey...which ones are you looking to get? check the jessica simpson site and let me know. they are 48.99 + approx 17.00 shipping to me. i'll weigh mine and see what the shipping would be to you. what is your zipcode? always willing to help a diva out :)

  15. love the shoes! and i'm petite so i definitely could use the height!!!

  16. I agree with Sabina on the subject of fakes. I actually have a pair of the knockoff crystal Miu Miu swallow shoes and if the place where I bought them had been trying to pass them off as the real thing, I wouldn't have bought them [...okay, I would still have bought them but felt really guilty afterward. Sue me]. However, since the sole of the shoe has the manufacturer's name and not "Miu Miu", I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever. And if someone came up to me and said, 'OMFG MIU MIUS??' I'd be straight up and say that they're not real [not that this would be an issue as you can pretty much tell by looking at me that I can't afford real Miu Mius.]

  17. Well...I'm so in love of the pink swallow miu miu's but I came too late to have an original pair.
    I'm not rich, but I work hard to sometimes indulge myself with superficial things :P and that pair was not the exception.
    Actually I've found a "so-so" knock-off of that shoe and I'm very tempted to buy one pair of those, but I don't know =/. I really wanna wear the style, but it will be impossible to find one of those even used. I don't think a person who owns already a pair will sell it on the future :P
    Check this link, for example...

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