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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh, Goodies!

I love the sound of the doorbell in the afternoon. It's a sign of great joy and relief! Joy because the postman usually shows up during this hour and relief as the cleaning 'Didi' comes to take care of our very disorganized kitchen. I got a few packages this week and I was almost dying out of excitement!

No. 1 - The ASOS Twist Plaits Sandals in tan that I wanted so badly, had run out of stock in size 4, so I got a size 5 for my dear cousin, Ditsa, who had been eying them since forever. I had blogged about it earlier in my ASOS Addiction post too. They are just gorgeous! I should be given the 'Best-Sister-In-The-World' award for getting her these lovelies.

No. 2 - Not so spectacular but great for daily wear, I also got myself a pair of  Mango Wedge Sandals. The price was fantastic! I think I just paid about £15 for these. They're authentic, and brand new with tags.

No. 3 - Since they were offering free international delivery, I got myself another ASOS deal. A black suede semi-booties with a front zip, I picked them up for just £20. They had sales on selected ASOS Collection items so it was a good bargain, with no shipping charges included.


  1. Oh wow! THose are sooo great! Can't wait to see you rock these!!

    thanks for your comment, following you lovely!!


  2. you really got some great deals on shoes and sweaters (in your previous post)! and what a great sister you are!!

  3. I love that post :)))))))


  4. Love the first pair!

    Amazing blog dear! Following! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  5. Those shoes are TO DIE FOR! beautiful!!!

  6. I'm a shoe addict therefore, i totally love these!Especially the first pair...amazing!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  7. OMG. I'm so jealous! Those shoes are to die for! Great choices! I love your blog, I am now following :)

    Love & Labels

  8. wow those shoes are gorgeous!!! =)

  9. OMG!~ thank you sooo MUCH for the shoes!~ I LOVE IT!~
    ( NO. 1 )

    Sooo not showing to GRANNY :P