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Monday, December 13, 2010

Marion Cotillard

Recently I'd been browsing through Marion Cotillard's pictures after watching the movie 'Nine', and I think she's gorgeous. She's a French actress who's starred in many French films and a few English movies including Nine and Inception. Her beauty is something you don't see everyday; classic beauty. I love her accent too. Plus, in 2009 she was chosen as the face for Dior's "Lady Dior" advertising campaign. Her style is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Something about her reminds me of Audrey Hepburn as well. This year in July, she featured the cover of Vogue. Here are some of the pictures off the shoot for Vogue, Dior and Elle.

This was when she won an Oscar for 'La Vie en Rose'


  1. oooh wow what a fashion queen! the third picture is my favorite-totally inspirational! =)

  2. That is just beautiful! its almost art!

  3. so beautiful!! i also really love her black lace against the blue couch :) following

  4. she is gorgeous! love the pics:)

  5. She is so beautiful, i love her!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  6. la vie en rose et la môme!! SHE IS A SUPER WOMAN!!