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Monday, August 9, 2010

ASOS Addiction

It's funny how I spend so much of my free time just browsing through ASOS. They have really good stuff and the prices are quite reasonable. It has it's own ASOS clothing and accessories line as well as goodies from renowned UK brands like Vero Moda, Mango, French Connection, and so many other brands.  I say their stuff is top class. Sometimes you might not like what you've ordered but there's always an option to return the item or exchange it with some other item. 

I especially love their SALES. This time I went crazy! I wanted so many shoes and dresses but I was a little too late because they were selling like hot cakes and everyone was grabbing everything they could find. I still browse through it everyday. I mean EVERYDAY! Just in case something I wanted that was out of stock comes back in stock in my size. I just love online shopping and ASOS has a pretty cool shipping policy too. I don't have to pay so much for shipping to India. Forever21, Topshop, etc. don't really deliver to India so I always bank on ASOS to find what I like, and trust me, I always do. 

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Where do you guys love to shop?


  1. heyi..could you please tell me about the shipping charges and stuff from asos ? I'm new to this site and just loved it so i was hoping if you could help me with the details because from you're article it seems you've bought from this site.

  2. ASOS is one of my favorite places to shop!! I simply love their sales! xxoxoxo

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  5. i ordered a top almost three weeks ago but i havent got my order yet..i live in India..whenever i try to contact them they say ur oder has been dispatched... i hav no clue where is my order

  6. Hey Manisha, You can contact them with your order no. on their Facebook Fanpage here:

    Your order will take from 5-10 days atleast to reach you so just wait for it till the estimated time of arrival.

  7. where do you ship from? im guessing australia would be the closest right?

  8. glad to know there are people out there who find it frustrating that sites like topshop, etc dont ship to India...
    and im planning to order from ASOS!!!

  9. hi.. what delivery methods do they use ?
    do they have fedex or any other express delivery ?

  10. hi hw much do they charge to india, i mean the shipping price pls reply :)

    1. Around 20GBP for Express delivery. Its free if you choose standard although I wont recommend that. Safer bet to use express.