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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Carrie Bradshaw Obsession

Carrie Bradshaw... Hm... I'm sure everyone knows who she is. The lead character of the Sex and the City series, she is certainly a great style icon for alot of women out there. Sarah Jessica Parker is stunning , yes, but as Carrie Bradhsaw on SATC, she's SUPER! I'm totally in love with her and her style. She's gorgeous, has a great job, great friends, a man who loves her, and finally, an amazingly stocked up wardrobe! 

She couldn't really be the ideal woman, but I'd like to live her life.

I say this is the perfect wedding gown. Really. I haven't seen a wedding gown as beautiful as this! Vivienne Westwood is indeed gifted.

These were all worn in the first SATC movie. I'm still in love with them. 

Her girlfriends.  

Her famous Mr. Big. Not really my type, but they're great together.

Doesn't she resemble Audrey Hepburn here? Especially her hair and the pearls.


  1. I LOVE Carrie. And her wardrobe and style is amazing! You've made me go watch SATC1 on dvd now!
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. I am following you now. Looking forward to read your future posts! I love your background.

  3. i love her too but i lave Samantha Jones more haha