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Sunday, July 12, 2015


[bamboo island]

[maya bay]

The incessant rains have the tendency to limit one's mobility outdoors, but also ushers in the mood for underrated pleasures like sleeping in, and cozying up with a good book, or simply penning down thoughts. Today, with the latter in effect, I want to share another batch of photographs from my Krabi-Koh Phi Phi visit.

But before I do, let me lay out my interim plans for this blog, given that I have pretty much gone against my word of finally being back in the blogosphere. My apologies there. I am reluctantly, but realistically moving out of the fashion/personal style scene to accommodate a travel & lifestyle angle, which have become a more intrinsic component in my recent posts. The occasional personal style entries will soon be restricted to Instagram only, which technically is a micro-blog. So let's say we've agreed on a don't ask, don't tell policy & let me proceed!

Having heard so much about Koh Phi Phi and its alluring Maya Bay, we planned our first Krabi trip around that island. Let me be straightforward with you. Maya Bay, during peak season, is uncomfortably crowded with a tiny little swimming area packed with a rainbow of tourists. Don't get me started on the washrooms. I stood in line for 20 minutes to answer nature's call because I obviously don't fancy emptying out my bladder in the sea (recommended by many!). However, the view to-and-from Maya Bay is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Magical, even. 

Another surprise was Bamboo Island (Koh Mai Phai). With literally white sand and Baywatch blue waves, we spent about half an hour just capturing every inch of this island because we just couldn't believe our eyes.

The next stop was Koh Phi Phi Don where we re-filled our stomach on some authentic Thai island cuisine post which we lost our tour group after getting side tracked by the shopping street as usual. The day was well spent and well travelled, with our eyes and stomachs well feasted.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Cruising through my Thailand beach photo album was a timely reminder of my pending blog posts from last month. Although I'm never one to give into weakness, (or so I wish to believe), those waters have more than tempted me, even at the cost of my skin getting scorched black in the sun, sans sunblock. But luckily for you, I’ve covered a sizeable number of Thai beaches & islands in case you’re planning your next trip there, and don't know where to start. If not, then I shall assume that my photos are visually appealing enough to stir your yearnings to actually visit some of these places. Let’s start with Krabi, on the west coast of southern Thailand. 

In this post I’ve covered photos of Phra Nang, Ao Railey West & Ao Railey East. From boat food vendors, to rock climbing & kayaking, this trio has something for everyone and can be easily covered in a day. You can strategically hit the Phra Nang beach in the morning, (it being in the west, the waters look bluer & clearer before noon), and have lunch comfortably on Railey East, and then climb up to the view point or lagoon before heading back to the mainland. 

A little less on the commercial side, it’s ideal for someone looking for both a relaxing swim and some other recreational activities.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


[Sukhumvit 21, Bangkok]

Let’s pretend like you haven’t noticed my 8-month-long sabbatical from blogging. As much as I have missed this side of the digital space, it’s been an enormously eventful & refreshing break. To be really, REALLY honest, I’ve had multiple debates with myself on whether I wanted to erase my blog, and move on, or get back to it. 

You know, with an incessant increase in the number of blogs, some of which are tasteful, but mostly mediocre & poorly written (sorry folks, it’s the truth), I didn’t want The Aili to be camouflaged amidst the latter category. Perfection being the foremost quality I seek to radiate through my personal journal, I would never allow myself to compromise on it. Hence, the lag. 

With that aside, you have my word that I’m back for good! Let’s start by drawing a faint picture of what’s been keeping me busy. 

Pune had me for about 6 months, in which I travelled to every little village & town around the city for work. As insightful as they were, I most definitely will not be revisiting those places again anytime soon. However, Pune is a gem of a city, and I have many fond memories of it.

December in Bombay was a gala month; this city will always hold a special place in my heart, and of course, burn a hole in my wallet as well. 

Post New Year, my last stint of about 3 months was spent in Bangkok, Thailand. Beaches. Thai food. SHOPPING. Need I say more? 

More on my travels across Thailand, & Cambodia & Malaysia soon.